California Issues Autos/Smith&Wesson or GT

I have been looking at both of these knives and I was wondering which one would be best to get. Because they are similar knives but different in prices. And this makes me think is one better than the other? One more thing when I do decide which one to get is there any restrictions that I don't know about, besides the automatic laws. Any feed back will be useful.
S&W makes a California special identified as the "Police Issue". Avoid this knife as it is flimsy and lacks quality. I think it says "Rocky Mosier" on the blade too.

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Glad to see that you are asking for opinions. Good move!

The CA size models are very small. Do you live in CA and want to go with these for legal reasons? If you just want to start small then go with the Vero Beach Mini UDT (around $150) or White Wolf Pocket Pro (around $130-140 depending on blade type.) Both are superb but not CA legal. They are slightly larger.

The GT CAL Special is extremely small. I’d say pass on it.
If you want a CA legal check out the ProTech Runt $110 or JCS (around $125 I think, never handled this one).

Personally, if I was in your situation I would wait for the MicroTech M-UDT to arrive in the near future. It should be perfect- mid sized and hopefully right in your price range of $200. But, keep on looking.

Big Dave

So far I've found two CA-Legal production autos that are CA-source, so nobody can make a federal case out of them. The Pro-Tech Runt and the GT Mini. I like both of them. I carry the GT. Matter of taste. The GT is smaller, and its mechanism is very clever and original.

There are two S&W/Taylor CA-legal autos. Their status as CA-source or even "domestic" may be debatable. The S&W "Police Issue" is a Rocky Moser design, with credit, and is "average" quality, from what I've handled. The S&W "California Issue" is (like the Pro-Tech) a Dalton clone, but, while the Pro-Tech is a pretty good Dalton clone, the S&W is a pretty awful Dalton clone - from my statistical sample of one.