Calypso Jr. Lightweight

Oct 4, 1998
Just got mine today so this is just first impressions. It really is lightweight,more so than I expected. Lockup it very tight,no side movement and it passes the standard lock test. The zytel scales are very grippy with their dual directional scale pattern and the pocket clip is places very high for deep, discrete carry. The flat gring has good geometry with a nice thin edge and it is SHARP,scary sharp! So far I *really* like it!
Glad to see your happy with it. It really is a great little knife with a lot of good features. I love the fact that Spyderco gives the knife metal screw inserts so you can choose right or LH carry as often as you wish without stripping out the threads.

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I just got my Calypso Jr. Lightweight last week. Haven't used it much, but then I don't use any of my knives that hard. I have noticed that it keeps sneaking into my pocket more and more, even when I had originally planned to carry a different knife.


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I have a Spyderco Calypso Jr with Micarta scales. Great knife. The flatground blade makes a great slicer on apples, cuts rope & parachord, and whittles well. Holds a good edge for a while, too.
I've taken it hiking, backpacking and canoeing and it's been a joy. The gripe is that it got some sand and dust in the pivot part and now it feels gritty every time I open and close it. I tried to wash it out, but it didn't work. I wish there was a way to take it apart for cleaning. Otherwise, a great knife. -CAman
Try some sray cleaner/lube like Breakfree or WD 40 and use compressed are nozzle and blow out. I have had similiar problems in past and this has worked for me. Only once did I have to resort to ultrasonically cleanig it as I do my pistols.That works everytime!

Good Luck!