Camillus Cyber

Jul 9, 1999
Well, the nerd in me just had to click on the ad. Off I went to Camillus, and there I found the CUDA Cyberknife. I don't think I've ever seen a knife covered in PC boards before. Clipboards, sure, but never a knife. The perfect tool for those dangerous adventures inside of old minis and mainframes!(or even that misbehaved PC over there) You never know when you might get tangled in the copper vines or a man-eating 14" hard drive might attack. Now they'll never know what hit them! "It just came out of the circuitry!" said the mangled computer bug...

OK, so how does Camillus stack up? Does anyone have any comments on the Cyber? Is it worth getting? What's a good price(I finally found a place that sells it after hours of surfing, 1 stop knife shop has them for $75)?
Nice useful blade, that I'd like to see as an option in the regular CUDA line with their "special" opening system. The finish on is is nicer than the "tactical" bead blast on the CUDA's - more like the finish on the Terzuola CQB1.

The handles benefit from a bit of attention with an emery nail file, or a bit of sandpaper, to "break" the sharp edges for comfort. 10 minutes work.

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