Canadian Frontiersman, by Harald Moeller

Gary W. Graley

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Mar 2, 1999
I received my Frontiersman Throwing knife and all I can say is WOW. It is one nicely ground clip point throwing knife, not a floater, but a heavy duty 1/4" thick piece of 440C steel. I prefer to throw by the blade, but Mr. Moeller suggested that I try the handle throw, and so I did, a lot of power to be had in the handle throw!

The weight is heavy, but I like that, I had my 14yr daughter throwing and I think she's becoming addicted to throwing, took some doing to get my knife back! She did pretty good from about 15'.

I backed it up to about 30' and let it fly and THUNK very deeply into the heavy cardboard target that I set up. It's neat to see and hear the blade flying so fast to the target and hearing that resounding sound of a full hard strike! Highly reccomend Mr. Moeller's knives, his Viper series are very nicely made.

I'll search for his web page and post it here later. He is deciding to call it quits soon so I want to give warning to you all, order now if you want one.

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Found it:

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