Canadian Knife Dealers

Mar 14, 1999
Can anyone out there recommend any Canadian Dealers for Spyderco & Benchmade Knives.


This is the only one I have dealt with (I'm Canadian as well):
ADaM Sharps Specialty Cutlery - Canadian Knife Dealer
I'm curious as to why you're looking for a Canadian dealer. In my experience they just can't compete with the dealers in the US - not including the 15% tax! My only advice is to make sure to shop around, you'll be surprised at the difference in price, even after you convert to Canadian dollars.

If you are in the Toronto area check out S&R Knives in the Woodbine Center. They have a good variety.

I'll second the recommendation for ADaM Sharps. Dale's mighty friendly and helpful, he'll be glad to get you what you want.

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If you're looking for stores, there's the House of Knives across the country. If you're in BC, there are 14 franchise stores. They have a way better selection than the other corporate stores across canada. More knowledgible staff too!

Ken, the House Of Knives is one of the better national retailers. But as Jason said the selection of knives and knowledge of staff vary widely.
I have had the best luck at independent gun/hunting/outdoors retailers. They can generally order any blade, and some have a fairly decent inventory.
If you tell us exactly where in canada you are, perhaps someone can give you some specific names.

(Yes - we have knives in Canada - it is about the only weapon we are allowed to have)

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It may just be the ones around here, but House of Knives has stopped carrying Spyderco. They are way behind in getting any new models ("Axis in 6 months"), and generally, in my experience, seem to focus on kitchen stuff. Still, worth checking out.

In the Toronto area, I'd start with Marathon on King St., across from Mountain Equipment. Large selection of Spyderco and good prices. The two LeBaron stores (in Markham and Missisauga) also have a decent selection of knives. Other than that, I find it difficult to get good knives here. (Did pick up a very nice Fallkniven S1 at the Sportmens's show, though :)

For mail-order, also try ProEdge (
Ontario Sporting Supplies Inc @ 905-660-6063 in Concord, at 2951 Hwy 7 West. All your standard knives plus custom & Mad Dog Knives.
Just curious but what area are you in? I not sure about all the House of Knives across the country, but all the ones here in BC (except for the one in abbotsford where it has been outlawed) carry spydercos. They also have the axis.

In downtown Toronto there are two excellent suppliers of top notch production knives.
1. Warriors @ 647 Yonge St. (just south of Bloor st.) #926-1222: good selection of Spyderco, Benchmade, SOG, Gerber. Primarily a martial arts store so the staff knowledge of knives is fairly low. Also somewhat pricier than the "other" store which is only doors away...

2. Central Surplus @ 657 Yonge St. (just a few doors north of Warriors): these folks carry the same brands as Warriors plus alot of imported no-name cutlery. Their prices are usually about 10% lower than the aforementioned competitor, doubtless due to the fact that they have several stores operating under slightly different names)

Both of these establishments seem to get all the new stuff that I read about in Tactical Knives although they know virtually nothing about the products except " that's a good one eh?"

Me, I'm waiting for one of them to get the new Spyderco Terzuola Starmate C55 and NEW Tri-angle Sharpener, unless someone can tell me where I can get it in the U.S. by mail order(??).

Jason F.

I'm in the Kitchener-Waterloo area. I was in a HoK last week which had the Spydercos on sale. The saleperson said they were discontinuing them. I had the impression that all such decisions (as well as ordering new knives, like the Axis) were made at head office.

What were they asking for the Axis?
No longer carrying spydercos over there huh? Good thing the franchise stores here in BC don't follow the same decisions. Well, at least you can still obtain them from other sources.
The axis is retailing at $248 for the large, and $199 for the minis when they come in. Most of the knives they're bringing will have combo edges, but they will special order other configurations of your liking.
As for other new knives, they're still bringing in most new releases from companies like CRKT, Benchmade, Emerson, SOG, Cold Steel, etc.

Yeah, well, that's the other reason I don't buy much there :) I got my Axis for a *lot* less than that at S&R. Even cheaper via (local) mail-order.
I think we should continue this thread and list out all the Canadian stores and suppliers that we have dealt with - good and bad. It will be a great reference tool and I for one will be saving it.

In London, Ont:

Goble's Gun and Tackle
334 Sovereign
(carry Spyderco, Beretta, Browning, Leatherman and others - not the greatest selection in the world, but they will order most anything for you)

Parkinson Gun Shop
116 Wharnclife Rd South
(a tiny shop with a large selection of knives - doesnt have many models, but has many manufacturers - Gerber Coverts, Benchmade, Boker - a real sleeper of a store - check it out if you can find it)

Walmart may be the best place I've found for Victorinox SAK's. Decent selection and excellent prices.

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The only reliable knifestore in Calgary, Alberta is Target Knives on Macleod Trail. they can order just about anything, and have a lotta knives in store.

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