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Carbon V knives

Nov 23, 1998
Does the formulation for Carbon V from Cold Steel different for some of their knives.

My CS LTC does not hold an edge very well compared to my CS Gurkha. The difference seems to be more than can attributed to blade geometery.

Carbon V is Carbon V no matter what the knife is. It is most likely due to different tempering.

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Rumor has it that there indeed have been minor tweaks over the years in the formulation of Carbon-V. There was a thread on this subject many months ago.


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It is my understanding that Carbon V is not a single metallurgical formulation, but whatever Carbon steel CS is using in current production. If I find the thread that discussed it, I will forward same.
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Will, Check out Joe Talmadge`s article on steel types in the Knowledge Base section of the forums home page. It has a section on Carbon V.
Yeah, Carbon V is whatever CS says it is. Insider info says the steel used has definitely changed over the years. Spark tests, other analysis, and insider info all agree that current Carbon V is 50100-B (Mike Turber is my only wayward datapoint, he has said that it's still 1095). Apparently Carbon V used to be 1095 but has changed (for the better) to 50100-B.

Carbon V is.......... Oppsss can't say.....

Well let's just say it is a modified 1095. The modifactions happen during the heat treating. Cold Steel actually scrapped a huge mess of it last year which is why the pipe line got thin for awhile. They do maintain quality standards and actually pay an outside source to test it before they use it. Modified 1095 is perhaps not as accurate as it would of been 3 years ago but if you break it down it is darn close. Eaither way it is great stuff and Carbon V now is considered an actual steel insted of a marketing name. This just recently happened so update your FAQ's.

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Whatever Carbon V is, it's fine steel. I used my first Master Hunter enough to pretty well wear down its original shape, and it's still a great knife. It would be my first choice if I could have only one knife (at least until I get my hands on Roselli's new-old 'wootz' knives).