Carnivour.....been out for's yours ?

Oct 3, 1998
I sure like mine and just ordered another one. Of course, I have 3 Pioneers and am somewhat crazy

I also have two Carnivours. I have found that the Carnivour is the perfect knife for me. It fits my hand like a glove, so much that other knives that I thought felt good don't anymore. I have always hated to scratch a knife blade. The stonewash finish is great. It looks good and really hides any scratches that it may get. The rolling lock is also very secure. I cant say enough good about this knife. Everyone I show it to falls in love immediately. The grip is truly incredible. I would like to see a the tan g-10 handles like the prototype had. I am beginning to sound like some Spyderco Military fans.


Well, mine’s one of the early models, so it’s got a ****ty clip that is attached to the pivot pin and rattles around like crazy and I think that contributes to the blade loosening up once in a while. I have an Allen wrench nearby to tighten the blade, but the clip NEVER stops moving around.

Still and all, it’s a good knife. May I suggesta litle half moon of skateboard tape on the side WITHOUT the thumb stud to make it a true ambidextrous knife?


Jim Six
Hey! Nice Topic Title! I like it! My Carnivour is getting better every day. The grittiness in the action is starting to go bye-bye and it seems to open easier with each passing day. Of course, the finsh is taking some getting used to. Stone washed? It looks like a tin roof to me. Be that as it may, The blade ROCKS! The heat treat on mine is near perfection. I must say that I am a "Proud Owner" of this blade.

Tin Roof hahahahahahahahahahahahahah
can we use that or have you copywrited that?

Bob Taylor

Some days it's not worth chewing through the restraints and escaping.
I`m happy with the design and strength. Wish it had a little smoother action and better designed clip,though.I also have a Crawford Carnivore and it is spectacular! Given the price difference,one can`t expect identical performance.

AKTI# A000150
No copyrights here Bob. It's yours. Knock yourself out. BTW Someone on another thread asked about a fixed blade Carnivour. If you make it, they will come! I'll be the first in line. Sooo whaddaya say? Tung Pan Carnivours!! Stone washed (Tin Roof) finish optional except where required by law.
Almost a year and I still like it. It locks up rock solid, with no sign of blade play. I recently got a green handled one. It opens so much smoother and I like the new dual thumbstuds better. I have a talonite from Rob Simonich on order and as soon as REKAT comes out with the carbon fiber handled version I will have to get one.

Dennis Bible
only have a pioneer, left-handed, love it. would encourage any carny-lover to check out the knife exchange/dealers posts for a possible red-handled, black-bladed limited production model. the more i think about it, the more i want one.