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Carry in UK?

Oct 4, 1998
I know this has been discussed before, so I apologize, but I never thought I'd need the info until now. I'll be going to Scotland and Ireland this summer
. Can I carry anything sharp besides my wit?

<A HREF="http://members.aol.com/knivesuk/home.htm">http://members.aol.com/knivesuk/home.htm</A>

Hope I got the HTML right.......
I've heard some true horror stories about landing in London, most notably a good friend who was in transit to Zurich. Security found a small (< 3" blade!, nothing tactical, no serrations) custom-made interframe folder on him and promptly slapped on the handcuffs! Spent 24 hours grilling him (with no access to his embassy), cuffed him again, back to the airport, and escorted him onto the plane to Zurich. To this day no apologies or explanations despite lawyers and embassy intervention!

The Brits are a little flaky with knives these days (the jail sentence for carrying a fixed blade of > 4" is greater than the sentence for using a knife in a stabbing!), so . . . a warning to international travellers . . . BEWARE!, don't push your luck in London.
Just read that link. Pretty sad and pathetic. Hard to believe some politicians expect people to be so passive. I guess passive people don't complain when more laws are heaped upon them. Sheep munching grass in Scotland and sheeple writing laws in London.

I once saw some stand-up comic talking about law in England, saying if a bobby saw a criminal, all he could do was shout, "Stop! Or...or I'll yell `stop' again!"

Since most everything can be used as a weapon of some sort, people will need to walk around naked so that the police can make sure nobody's concealing anything. How can they "prove" intent as a weapon? What is the difference, by their definition, between an offensive and a defensive weapon? Doesn't sound like there is one. "Hey, you, stop right there, those bloody shoelaces are long enough to strangle someone with! We're taking you downtown!" What's next?
I bought my Puma Deer Hunter (3" lockback and very pointy)in Scotland back in 1984. I asked the salesman if I would be in trouble carrying it on me, and he told me knives that are no more than 3" were ok. I supposed the knife law in UK has changed, or the salesman was just trying to close a sale.
Unfortunately the vast majority of politician's in the UK are all the same when it comes to disarming the popultation, the parties vie with each other to see who can be the most anti gun or anti knife so it does not really leave anyone to vote for purely on these issues.

I carry a sub 3" locking knife every day of the week and will argue it out in the courts if hauled up by the law.

I was in a police station a few weeks ago on a unrelated matter and saw a home office poster saying it is an offence to carry a knife in a public place without good reason eg job related but allowing the carry of

"a small folding pocket knife with a cutting edge of less that 76mm"

I save my bigger knives for carrying when in the uniform of HM's armed forces as I think that i sa good enougth reason to have a bigger knife.

As to Donl's point as to an offensive or defensive weapon, you are not allowed to carry anything in this country to defend yourself with (if that is the sole purpose of the item eg a club or something) but I allways carry a 4 or 5 D cell Maglite in my car to use as such if necessary.

Although the normal bobby on the beat is not armed with anything except a baton (most of them now carry ASP batons or various side handled models) all forces have armed responce vehicles on the roads that contain weapons upto H&K MP5's in the boot.

We obvioulsly have a much lower armed crime rate that the States but I belive it is growing in many areas mostley due to drugs and the rate has not dropped because of the prohibition of all centre fire handguns (what a suprise)

Sorry about this rant but it hacks me off when people slag us off without good reason.

Harvey Wareham

Live Long & Prosper, so you can buy more knives :)