cas iberia swords

Nov 11, 1998

I collect modern swords and
recently purchased a viking sword
brought in by CAS Iberia. This
blade is made by a new facility in
china which I believe they call
Chen-chao-po. Is there anyone that
can tell me about this company in
china and how the quality is rated
so far on them. I have seen iberia
offer katanas made by the same
folks in china and have wondered
how the prices are much higher
than the average Iberia sword.
This new viking sword has nickel
damascus pommel & guard and folded
steel hand forged blade. Was it a
worthwhile investment at around
$300, or was it a mistake to buy a
chinese product? Any insight on
this or any of the Iberia swords
will be appreciated.


When China schedules free elections, releases political prisoners, and negotiates in good faith with the Dalai Lama over Tibet, I'll celebrate by buying one of those swords.


I can respect the feelings someone has towards another countrys politics but personally try to leave politics out of my purchases. I believe the chinese have the right to any type of government they desire. If the majority want change, then let the majority make the change. Our forefathers fought to make change at great personal loss and succeeded. The chinese people can do the same, or stay the same. In any case I believe the struggle is their's. I will not boycott chinese products unless the quality is not there. Actually quality is a big problem with most products brought in from china, which brings me back to my original question: Does anyone know if the purchase I made was a wise investment? And please put country of origen aside for a moment, thank you.



I understand your wanting to know about your new sword, but James’s point is well taken.

I think you should go back to Tiananmen Square when the People of China did try to speak out for change and were brutally crushed. Killing as many as 7,000 people, injuring 10,000, imprisoning 10,000, trying and executing 31 people.

I love this Country but its hard to compare our Revolution against the British with the inhuman treatment the People of China have had to endure at the hands of the thugs that hold power in that country.

I think this Country’s Business and Political Leaders should hang Their heads in shame for exploiting an imprisoned People for cheep labor.

OK before this turns into some political forum lets get back to the question. I do agree with all the above but let's keep in mind there are some really good people in China and many I now call friends. I buy from China directly and I will not stop because of the screwed up government. The funny thing is even the countries name is an oxymoron, The Peoples Republic of China, HA!

OK now to your question. The sword you bought is of excelent quality but I would not consider it much of an investment. Investment quality cutlery is usually made by an individual. Think of it this way.

Investment made paintings are made by an individual and usually go up in vlue the more famous the maker gets. Now when the maker dies they skyrocket because they know there will never be another. I liken this to custom makers.

Lithographs are reproductions, albeit damn good ones, of an original and are made in limited numbers and have some value but are not going to ever be really highly valuable or collectable except in the case of very limited production runs on very famous paintings. I liken this Microtech and limited runs by Famous US manufacturers.

All else falls into just the plan old collectable stuff that we all have simply because we like the knives. They may never grow in value but they are cool and we like them. Kind of like the stamp collection we all have in some closet that aint worth crap that we made when we were kids.

Hope this helps.

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
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Again ,I respect other peoples views. I believe what has happened in china is horrible, but can't believe that a country with a population of over 1 billion and having the majority of that number against the government, can't find a way of over throwing it.It did happen here! Also it happened more recently in Russia,{of all places}. A complete list of times that a government has been overthrown by the people would be tremendous. Yes much life and property may be lost and yes it may or may not be more difficult than other struggles in history, but again that is something the people must decide on for themselves. Has the awful things the chinese government done detered or strengthened the peoples resolve?, that I don't know. Maybe not even the chinese do. But no matter what the politics are, the people are the one's that may and should have the last word. When I say the people, I mean the people of china not the people of U.S.A.. We need to concentrate on our own government which is ever more growing into our private lives.


just wanted to say thank you Mike Turber for your response, it being the only one so far that actually delt with the question. Thanks again for not making it a crime to ask about a sword from china. THANK YOU MIKE


Go to:

Check the archives. There has been much recent and past discussions and reviews of the swords Paul Chen (Chen-chao-po) produces.

Reader's Digest summary. The Chen swords are definitely better than most of the low-end priced blades (compared with a lot of the stainless steel stuff that's coming out of the Philippines). They are nice wall hangers and you can bash them around somewhat without destoying them. However, in terms of investment grade swords, serious collectors look at blades in the $750 to $1,000 range as
a low-end starting point. Investment-grade sword collecting ain't a cheap hobby.

Stainless, HA!

I know a guy who walked out of taiwan with a sword made out of aluminum. Sound like quality to you?
I really should not respond to the above comment, but just must. First of all, taiwan is a island off the coast of china and has their own government. These people originated from mainland china but did not want the chinese rule. In second place the sword in question is made of hand forged folded steel, not die cast aluminum. [unkind remark toward another particpant deleted]


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Just thought of something real funny. If your friend walked out of taiwan with a aluminum sword thinking it was steel, Then it seems like your friend is not all that bright either. HA!


Actually, most movie and TV prop sword blades are aluminum. Lighter, faster, and easier for the actors to use.

However, definitely not for "real world" use, which I hope the purchaser in Taiwan didn't expect.

Slick: Uh, First off. On the stainless part, my bad. I was really tierd when I made this post and could of sworn somebody was talking about a bunch of cheap stainless swords that were coming out of china. Turns out it was the Philippines and you keep refering to china. So i guess were both made a mistake. [SNIP]

Second off, I would like you to show me how good your reading skills are and read all the posts over again and find where it says All swords mentioned in this thread must be forged and must come from china! After you found where it says that I would be glad to take that out of my post.

When your done trying to find that, look at your 2 little rants about mine. I recall you saying something along the lines of: "My post is the only Un-educated post in the entire thread." Now I don't know where you live but in "Reality land" its not very well educated to make personal attacks on people you don't even know when none are needed or wanted.

[SNIP] One last thing, The differece in weight between aluminum and steel is like night and day. The person I'm talking about is not some back country hick who wouldn't know a quality sword from a toaster oven. Its my understanding that the only thing good about it was the price tag and thats what he bought it for.

P.S. As for your comment on the china/tiawan part I would just like to say, Duh.

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OK. People are getting a little irritable around here. Let's reserve this thread for talking about the merits of the swords as sharp objects for a given price.

When I have another two cents worth to put in about the related politics and karma and such, I'll do it over over in the "politics" forum.