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Case/Bose Millennium Trapper


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Oct 2, 1998
I didn't get in on the Case/Bose collaboration last year, but this year's pattern was too much for me to resist and thanks to a good friend, I was able to get in on the fun.

"Bullet" and "Saddlehorn" trappers are two of my favorite traditional patterns.

The quality of this knife in terms of its fit and finish is excellent. (Blades centered in handle, excellent walk and talk, flush springs, good grinds.) In my opinion it rivals many of the better handmades. Not inexpensive, to be sure, but you can see the care that went into its construction. The padded storage pouch is a nice touch as well.


I didn't get it as a "user" so I'm not sure how well the ATS-34 blades will hold an edge etc. However, the chestnut brown jigged bone, the pinned badge and the overall feel are just right.


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Blues another beauty, one of these days I'm just going to have to make your real collection my "Dream" collection.

I don't own either of the Case/Bose colaborations, I wish I did, but I do think they will become two of the most collectable production knives ever made. I've also got a feeling that in the not to distant future you'll be adding last years model to your collection.

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I agree with you Blues, the pouch really does add a touch of class. I don't collect pocketknives (anymore) but with these I don't think anyone could go wrong.

PS I recently saw that there were a pair of these selling on Ebay - both first and second year. The auction is probably still going on so I might check it out to see what the price is, it might be a good way to get both for a good price.

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The first one is nice but doesn't move me like this latest collaboration.

Guess that's why they make more than one pattern.


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Saw a few of these and last years one for sale at the CKKC show in Lex,KY this past weekend.

I think they should do great in the future as a collector piece. The only thing I didnt care about these as I do all the new Case knives are their shields are not pinned on
This really surprised me one this one.

Come on Case! Start making them the way they once were done, Ive re-glued on my last shield! I asked a Case Rep about this once and they told me that the average buyer would not notice the difference & If they did pin them on the price would increase some.

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I have both Case/Bose knives. I was not impressed with the finsh with the first one(not polished and grind marks on the blades). Tony Bose said that they were going to improve the finish on the next. The finish did not improve one bit and I had tiny scrathes running perpendicular to the grind marks on the blades and the shield had pits and a great big grind mark on it. To Case's credit, they did refinish the shield. I am not that impressed with the knive's so far and do not think I will purchase another collaboration unless the finish is greatly improved. The fit is very good.
another great piece from bose and case. the pouch does add a nice touch to the piece.

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I got this knife yesterday from a good friend.

The knife is very well done. Not perfect but the fit and finish are much better than any other pocket knife I have ever seen. The blade swedge is impressive and adds a nice feel when opening the knife. It just feels right. The handle is well done and comfortable. No blade play. Minor scratches on the bolsters. Surprised they didn't use NS on them. The pouch is well done. No certificate or anything which surprised me. The blade doesn't feel really sharp compared to most tactical folders you get but if one used this knife, it should be easy to touch up.

My delimma now is; Do I use this knife? How can I just let a pocket knife with ATS34 just sit in a safe? Hell, I use my Fowler proghorn and that cost nearly 4 times that this knife did. For me personally, knives are for fun and are not an investment....I will probably not enjoyo this knife as much if I don't use it. I guess in 3o years it may be worth a mint but I'm an American, I want instant gratification.

Decisions decisions.....

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Go ahead and use it, Greg, unless you use it really hard it is not going to get beat up - the stainless bolsters are more durable & harder than NS.

I have one of each model & after reading the criticisms of them above went back & checked mine. Other than not having the shield pinned I could not find any scratches on blade & bolster - everything was finished extremely well with near perfect matchup of tang & lock - almost invisible. With a "production" semi-custom I think you are more likely to find some variation in the finish level - not every one is at the same level, though all are at a high level compared to normal production. I've been lucky in that mine are both without any obvious flaws & most of the others I've seen are extremely good - Case & Tony Bose have really done a great job & are getting better each year. Its too bad an occasional one slips through thats not quite as good but it still is extremely well done & much cheaper than a Bose custom - still a good value for the money. If Tony made 1000 of a particular model in the same time frame as Case did there might be a few that slip out with minor imperfections.

My thoughts on subject!
I don't mean to rain on anyone's parade but I have never understood what all the fuss was about when it comes to Case knives. I understand that a whole lot of people collect Case but it seems that they are collecting a name more than they are collecting knives. This is especially true of Case knives that have been made in recent years. They just are'nt all that great, even in the highest end lines like the Bose trappers. On the other hand Queen Cutlery Company's knives offer a lot more quality and value for just a bit more money than Case's regular lines and for a whole lot less money than special edition knives like the Bose trappers. But, it seems that only a comparatively few knife collectors and enthusiasts know and appreciate Queen, Robeson, and Schatt & Morgan knives. Go figure! I guess that fashion and company advertizing and promotion count for more than the inherent quality of the knives with a lot of people. (Oh, and by the way, Kdarmy, Queen still uses pins to install their escutcheons,too!)