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Case Gold Lip Pearl or Abalone Copperlocks

Oct 3, 1998
I have heard that Case will be making Copperlocks in some exotic handle materials like abalone and gold lip pearl...anyone have any info....Thanks, JEFF
Ohh boy, I'd be interested in this to. Where is Gus? He'll know.....


I just got a Red Bone Copperlock today.It sure is a beauty,I can just imagine it with some nice pearl or abalone handles.Count me in,I want one too!Later,RS
That smells like a Shephard Hills project. www.casexx.com drop em an email I bet they're behind it. I got one each of the 51 trappers in gold lip, mop, and abalone last year and they are awesome...jeff
Shows the Shepard Hills MOP version.