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celebrity knife collectors

Brad Pitt apparently does - when Blade did an article on Brian Lyttle for making the knives in "The Edge," Lyttle also provided them with a pic of his family sitting around the dinner table with Pitt. I guess Pitt had stopped by to pick something up, so they invited him in and got social.

I know Joe Perry and Steve Tyler of Aeromith are big time knife collectors.

Just felt the need to comment...

According to reports, Steve Tyler tours with a large switchblade named Mongoose.

Debbie Harry used to deal in small portions of weed in Union NJ. An old aquaintance used to hang out with her. HE carried a Buck 110. (Just trying to keep with the knife subject)

Vampire Gerbil: similar to a domestic gerbil, except for the odd accent and little black cape.

Actress Angelina Jolie, owns daggers and balisongs in (gasp) LA.

I remember reading an article about a maker that sells alot of stuff to Steven Segal. Dont remember who the maker is though.
Sly Stallone is a big collector. Comedian Shelly Berman hosts one of the Calif Art Knife Shows. The guy who was Clint Eastwoods buddy in "Every which Way". The guys in Aerosmith as already mentioned. I heard Stevie Ray Vaughn also.
O.J., Nicholas Cage, and Jack Nicholson. A friend of mine works at a cutlery store in downtown L.A. and he says that Nicholas Cage is a regular customer who buys thousands of dollars worth of knives at a time.
Strider, "Clint Eastwood's buddy in Every Which Way But Loose," - the Chimpanzee?

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That was an orangutan.
Can you imagine making a custom knife for him?
Geez, I need to go to bed.

If it's stupid but works, then it isn't stupid.

i heard david mammet is also a collector.
i just love his plays and it makes it even better to know he is one of "us".
Yeah the monkey does but only Junglee knives.
I will go back through some Blades and get his name.When I read it he was with Norm Bardsley who is his favorite maker.He had just rec'd an art knife he had comissioned from Norm.
Mamet wrote "The Edge", the most knife positive film in a long time.


I think Geoffrey Lewis (father of Juliette Lewis) is the guy from "Every Which Way But Loose" that people are thinking of -- not "Clyde" the Orangutan.

James Belushi cut a cigar open on Letterman with a BM Emerson a few years ago.

Clay Fleischer
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