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Apr 14, 1999
Does anyone have any experience with ceramic blades that they could share. I've been thinking of buying a set of ceramic blade kitchen knives for my wife and I. Scoring points with the wife and getting new toys for myself at the same time. Can't beat that.
I had a Kyocera utility knife. I got it because I though it would be "super" sharp. It wasn't and I couldn't sharpen it.
It never came close to the performance of my quality steel knives.
I finally just threw it away.

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Well, I just got in a Boker 5.25"-bladed chef's knife for the wife. It's sharper than all my other kitchen knives, except for my Kit Carson stellite parer. It will shave curls out of newspaper and fax paper- even better than my Sebenza did when new. Durability? Nah- it's not there. For strictly a cutter/slicer, it's a great knife- works well on steaks and sandwiches (so far!)- it's got enough clearance so you can bring the blade down on the board witout mashing your fingers. I expect it would be a good vegetable slicer as well. I just don't think it'd take any torqueing, such as could be generated carving a turkey, for example. Blade breakage is not covered under warranty- so if you drop it or press it too hard (warnings against this- chips the blade) through something, it's your problem. It's also 100% dishwasher safe- so they say. Overall, I like it. The wife can beat up kitchenware considerably- hopefully this one will stay sharp until she drops it ;-) The Carson Stellite parer is tougher and can take a little more abuse, and takes a mean edge- I like it better- especially since a friend made it, but the Boker offers a lot for the money IMNSHO.

Oh, and if you were ever considering the Boker folding ceramics, I got one of the Gamma's strictly for airline travel- it's the small, fat, icky zytel-handled one. I had gotten to the point where it ususally takes me 3 passes then wanding to get through the airport metal detectors. Now I just remove my cell phone, WinCE palm thing, all my Photons (HIGHLY metallic!), change, keys and money clip and let the Gamma ride through the detector. It's got some metal (nested liner and pivot) but not enough to catch the nasty beep-o-meter- at least in Providence, Norfolk and Atlanta. YMMV. I'm not saying this to incite wilful stupidity, but for avoiding annoying hold-ups, the Gamma passes right on through.

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