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Cheap Handy Knives?

Jun 24, 1999
Maybe you folks can help me, im looking for a knife i can use where ever i go and that i can "bet up"... im looking to spend nothing more than $50 so please reply your suggestions...

Steve NY
Try Buck. Their Hunter(110) and Ranger are both available for under U.S.$50. You might be able to get an XLTi for 50-60, which is the best of the bunch. There's a reason it's the folder I carry.

Honestly, I wouldn't want an expensive folder. Just too likely to get lost or confiscated, or even stolen.

Anyway, nobody makes a folder yet that, after all is said and done, could get me to trade my tried and true Buck. It's a good combination of blade, handle, and lock. There are knives that equal or surpass it it any one, or even two, areas, but not all three. Not by my standards anyway.
Why not get the BFC Kershaw Talon? It's less than $50, and it's very much worth the price! And, you'll be helping out the forum at the same time! What else could be better than that?

In a fixed blade, try the Frosts of Sweden knockabout knives - carbon steel or stainless, ugly molded plastic sheaths, very sharp, mostly under $15.

Speaking of Frosts of Sweden, err... James? I think your page for Frosts doesn't work.


The Schrade Wolverine and Sharpfinger are really addictive.

Also you can take a look to Sean Perkins new line. Cheap and high quality for custom knives.

I second Danny on the BF Kershaw 1416. Look for longbow's review in the this forum.

Try handling a Gerber magnum LST. It is the most solid strong knife for around 30. Nothing else comes close in that price catagory.
Steve.. I recommend the Kershaw Talon 1420ST. I purchased this from the Forum Store.. and to me.. it is worth every penny of the $39.95. There are a lot of places still selling this exact model for double the price. It has a nice feel to it and is razor sharp.