Cheapest Place to Buy These Knives

Oct 30, 2004
I'm looking to buy the following knives:

Spyderco Delica
Kershaw Vapor
Buck Access 3.0
Buck 110
Ka-Bar Dozier

Where can I get these for cheap prices besides eBay?
1SKS, that supports these forums is competitevly priced and vrey great to do business with.
KABAR Bob Dozier Folding Hunter, Spear Point
$29.00 $18.85
Spyderco Delica, Plain
$66.95 $40.25
The vapor can be bought at wallmart for cheap !
Its kinda hard to find one website that has all the knives you listed !
Good luck
They're often a little higher, but I'd compare prices at Smokey Mountain Knife Works.
Sometimes they have interesting sale, closeout and "warehouse find" items. Might get lucky.


p.s. That's an excellent shopping list! Are you my Santa?