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Chesapeake Bay Knife Show


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Nov 2, 1998
Just got back from the knife show..all those knives, so little time...

LDC had the most impressive display of tacticals, not a thing for under $300.00. Being able to feel all these quality knives; Viele, Chamblin, Carson, Lightfoot, J.W. Smith (I was sooo close), Pardue, etc.

Met WD Pease, John W Smith, John Etzler (sp?). Gil Hibben (a fellow Parker black belt), Les Robertson, Howard Viele (sold out in the first VIP only hour), and others

Settled on two:
1.) WD Pease lockback, mosaic damascus bolsters, WM ivory scales w gold braid, filework.

2.) a Dake lockback D/A, damascus bolster, MOP scales, filework.

My origional $1500.00 didn't quite reach...

What I noticed was the price at the show, including dicker discount, was about the same price as the net! Can't touch on the net, though.

Standard answer to the better half..."Oh, slightly over a hundred, dear. Sorry I spent so much."

Sounds like a great one day show!!

That is the perfect answer for the wife, think i will use it. (the $100 bit)