Choppin' with my Steel Eagle 111 :)

Mar 18, 1999
Went camping this past weekend, and was able to do a lot of chopping with this big blade. I chopped firewood until my arm was tired, but my hand wasn't sore in any way. Also used it to make some 2 foot long "fuzz sticks", and for such a large knife it wasn't too hard to control. I used the saw too, and I can't believe how well it cuts. But why saw when you can chop!
Glad you are enjoying your knife. I really enjoy mine. I haven't done any actual work with it as my SP8 does what I need right now and I can't stand to mar a blade up when I don't have to. However, the handle is very comfortable and the sawteeth seem like they would work great. I have one question though. How did the coating hold up? It is the thickest coating I have ever seen.

thanks and take care
Actually, the coating did disapoint me a little. It rubbed off in several places, some right down to the metal. I did get it for a using knife, but now I have to be more concerned about rust. Guess thats what Tuf-Cloth is for!
I sell them, the full line in fact. You can email me but, at the moment I do not have a web site. You can see these knives at .

Tknife, if you ever need the knife refinished or sharpened, email me. TOPS and I will take care of you!

Stay sharp,
Thanks Sid. If the finish gets real bad, I just might do that. But for now, the scuffs give it personality!
I always like a little "character" myself. In a knife that I use, it reminds me of all the good times we shared

Stay sharp,