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Chris Reeve portrait and review

Feb 4, 1999
Nemo (and Fred, of course!) another great review and pictures. Thanks, as usual! Interesting to see your comments about a Kydex sheath being a better option... I have made one Kydex sheath for a customer and had several other inquiries from other Reeve fixed-blade owners. I wonder how long it will take the crew at CR to start offering the option?

My Custom Kydex Sheath pagehttp://www.geocities.com/CollegePark/Lab/1298/knifehome.html
Palmer College of Chiropractic
On Two Wheels

Well done as usual, my friend.

Please convey my respects to Fred.

I couldn't agree more about Chris Reeve and the excellent people that make up his company.


Live Free or Die

Loved the review. You guys are very funny. I especially like the MD dig. Thanks for taking the time to do it.

thanks and take care
Blues and Collins,

thank you both of you !

Really !!!

Je pense que le review des produits de Chris Reeve est tres bien! I think the review of the CRK knives is great. If you could do reviews on more CRK knives, by all means do it!
Thanks for the review, it just reinforces my very high opinion of Chris Reeves and his knives. I own and use both a Project II and a Lg. Sebenza and a Sm. Sebenza is in the future. Anyway I couldn't agree more with your review

The second picture from the top, titled "THE PROJECT II" doesn't load, and the other pictures are so good I want to see that one too!

-Cougar Allen :{)
Having just purchased a CRK about 2 months ago( a MK VI), I was pleased by the customer service and information that they provided. I got to take a tour of the shop, and all the employees were VERY VERY nice. This was my first purchase of a "small production" knife, and I'm extreamly happy with the money spent. It was hard making the decision on what knife to purchase with all of the models out on the display case. I'm now saving for the sebenza.

Keep it sharp
Thank you everybody !

Cougar the picture is now fixed !

Nemo, in the other thread about the review you commented that the ATAK didn't chop wood well. This interests me as its not what I expected. I would have assumed that the flat grind on the ATAK would have given it decent performance even with the neutral balance.


As far as I am concerned the ATAK was sharp but was rebounding on wood instead of cutting it !!!

I never saw that in all my life !
The knife refuses to bite the wood !

I swear if it was a good knife despite Mad Dog arrogance, we will be the first to say it !
But this is not the case infortunatly....
That's interesting Nemo, I have only seen that on really thick edge knives with neutral or handle heavy balances. Poor cutters, they do make nice clubs though.