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Aug 11, 1999
i am still waiting for your public apology. you accused me of polluting the forums recently in public and you were way off base. i think a public apology is only fair at this point.

I'm not here to apologize since I have nothing to apologize for. I love your knives (can't afford them, but love them), I love Lynn's knives (can afford them and still love them). I agree with you that things have gotten very out of hand here.
My sympathies for how you have been treated go with you.
May peace and tranquility go with you,
Tim you have options if you think I have been unfair as I discussed in email. If you want to continue along this particular line at least limit yourself to one thread at a time. The one which you think is the problem would be the obvious choice.


do you even read my posts? email isnt where you drug my name into this mess so forget it! you accused me in public! what is it? you cant admit you were ever wrong or you simply dont read my posts to you?
you want to continue along this particular line at least limit yourself to one thread at a time. The one which you think is the problem would be the obvious
and the one i think the problem was in, you LOCKED, duh! pretty hard for me to post in there eh???
When a person runs their mouth off in public It should be finished in public.
Kind of cowardly to hide behind e-mail.
I think that bottom line; Mr. Stamp doesn't think he's wrong, or not wrong enough to apologize publicly. Whether or not I agree with that notion is unimportant. What I will say is that once that he says he's wrong publicly it sets up a dangerous precedent. If he publicly admits his culpability and then his authority is challenged in the future people will say, "Remember that time you were [wrong]? I think you're wrong again now." Authority is a tricky piece, really it is.
so paranoid,

you are basically saying because cliff has authority as a moderator here he doesnt ever have to admit he is wrong eh? sounds like politicians to me. thats a sorry erason if i ever heard one. ANYONE should be man enough to say he was wrong! i guess that only applies to the rest of us huh?

if mr. stamp dont feel he is wrong then have him produce my polluted posts about this latest knife review that he accused me of

Let me say first, that while I don't always agree with what you post, I always enjoy what you post. You are one of the people that makes this place an interesting and humorous place to visit.

But come on Tim, I don't believe for a second that you are sitting in your shop with a broken heart over what Cliff said.
It has been clear in the past that you don't agree with the way Cliff does his testing. Isn't that what this is really all about. A chance to try and make Cliff look like a fool in public? Do you blame him for not taking the bait?

I have dealt with Cliff on the forum and in e-mail. He has always shown the utmost integrity, honesty, and fairness. This smear campaign will run it's course and go away eventually. The reputation Cliff has earned over his time here will still be intact. I guess the one you have earned will be also.

Take care,
Hey Herman let it rest will ya!!!!!!!
It's hard to believe that a vindictive immature little man such as yourself creates such beautiful knives. If I didn't know better I would think we were all back in nursery school.I can remember not very long ago when you were sobbing cause you thought Les Robertson was saying mean things to you. You even threatened us all with leaving the forum
It seems now your the ringleader blowing alot of foul gas on others here. I could give a rats ass about your imaginary slights you precieve to have befallen you here and your whole routine is getting very old. You keep saying Cliff doesn't read your posts but how about you Herman! Can you read??? Look at the top of this forum and read what it says "Knife reviews and Testing" So why don't you try and salvage some of your manhood and quitely find a better forum somewhere to continue your childish games while the rest of us get back to real things like knives!! The reason we are all here to begin with.
Tim, the guidlines thread is still open :

Jim while I appreciate your support, do me a favor and use email for such posts. To justcurious while I can understand your intentions, the no personal attacks policy covers everyone including Tim so please refrain from "vindictive immature little man" type comments.

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