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Coffin Jack in Ebony -A2--Sold-

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Apr 17, 2017
HI to all Fans of the Blade. I know I am slow at making a knife ,but severe hip pain an barely able to walk keeps my shop time to a few hours a week. Today I have this Nice Coffin Jack in Black wood or Ebony with a prototype Wharncliffe ( I meant Sheepsfoot )blade added to mate with the Longer Pen blade. The pull is easy 3 to 4 and snaps in all 3 positions good. The Bolsters and pins are Nickel Silver an has a Stainless Shield. The blade is A2 heat treated an cold quenched even though it wasn't necessary on tool steel. 61-62 for a final RC on these blades after tempering them down at least three times to lower the hardness. There is a minor small gap on the corner of the bolster an liner where the silver solder did not flow completely. Comes with a Zip Pouch an letter of Origin. Asking ( Sold )$475.00 shipped to lower 48 - Thank you an pay pal is preferred but Checks -M.O. 's are accepted also. Pm if interested or email ( joeallen@me.com )


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Nov 21, 2005
Joe you did yourself proud with this one, sorry about your health issues, getting older is no fun, but you can still do what pleases you.


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Nov 21, 2005
Thank you Woody, I have a copy of this knife in CPM-154 an Heat Treated also with Sheeps Foot blade like this one, ready to put together. Plus work on Eureka in Pearl has already begun.
Joe your two blades slips really show your skill in making it all work, glad I was able to get one before I retired.