cold seel all terrain hunter.

Dec 23, 1999
ji again folks.
it's been a long time since I posted, but
I was wondering if anyone has a cold steel all terrain hunter that they could comment on !
thanx a bunch,dano
nobody out ther owns one of these knives?
Are they that bad?
I think they're pretty new. Price is pretty low. I was looking at one in Carbon V. It isn't really my style. For a hunting knife I don't want finger cutouts on the front of the handle. A signigicant part of the time I use my knife inverted and I want a more symetrical grip and a finger guard. I like the design to the Master Hunter a lot more.

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Thanx Jeff,
you make some real valid points.
I realy like the Master hunter too, but
I was attracted to the price of the all terrain.
although the lack of a finger guard does make me worry a little.
thanx for your in put, dano