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Cold Steel Black Talon 2 and XL Tanto Voyager Firesale bundle.

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Sep 17, 2010
Take them both for $85 shipped and paypaled. Need some quick funds. Can also ship today if bought within the next hour. Both have been lightly carried but both are in superb condition. Rock solid lockup and smooth for both. Only issue is the Talon needs it's thumb plate screw tightened up.

First "I'll take it" gets it via timestamp in this thread. Also no boxes for either.20190122_115258-600x800.jpg 20190122_115356-800x600.jpg 20190122_115310-600x800.jpg 20190122_115334-600x800.jpg 20190122_115341-800x600.jpg 20190122_115349-800x600.jpg
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