Cold Steel Clips...?

Oct 5, 1998
Anyone have any problems with the new steel clips coming ripped out or such? Just picked up a large Voyager and wondered how durable this clip is, I ask because even though Benchmades use inserts in the Zytel for their clips, Ive had theres get ranked right out, insert and all.

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I just took the clip off and saw that the screws are screwed straight into the zytel. No inserts that I could make out.
On the plus side they seem very secure, the zytel has a tight grip on the screws even while backing them out and in again.

Time will tell...
I am not sure if this would work on the zytel but you can try lok-tite or however you spell it. My AFCK had a problem with the clip screws. They kept backing out and I was tightening them every other day!!! Benchmade suggested lok-tite, I tried it and almost 2 years later now I haven't had a problem!!!

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I have two Voyagers, one medium & large, both with clip blades. I wear and use the medium voyager every day and have had zero problems with the metal clip. Its been four months since I bought them. I had two of the same in the orginal style, the new handle style is great, I use and abuse these knives and reccommend them.
Just a note on using loc-tite on the clip screws. Clean the screw threads and the metal insert with a good cleaner and use the blue loc-tite if you think you will ever want to remove the clip. I've had customers bring in their knives with the metal clips sprung out and it was no problem to remove the screws and bend the clip back to proper tension in the vise.
If you use the red loc-tite its pretty much permenent .

Ray Carr

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I would be careful about using Locktite on Zytel. Read the bottle, last time I checked Locktite melted plastic. I would do some research before applying it. Locktite and steel inserts are no problem, but Zytel I don't know.
Let us know how it turns out.

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