Cold Steel "Culloden"

Nov 1, 1998
If you have any information on this particular knife in Carbon V or Stainless, I would appreciate it. My concern is the durability of the thin blade (1/8")
First I must tell you that I didn't abuse this knife very much, so I can't tell you anything about the edge holding ability.

When you look down the spine at the back of the blade, I think that this blade doesn't appear to be so thin at all, at least for a "boot" type knife. The point is really needle sharp as you can expect from the design and the plain edge on my version is pretty sharp too. But what I really like about this design is the fact that it conceals so well. when carried inside the waist band it virtually disappears and it carries very comfortably.(my version came with the cordura sheath and not the kydex sheath CS advertises it with, I think the cordura/nylon sheath is better than the kydex version they offer.)
the handle fills the hand good, considering the size of it, and the notches on the spine help in getting a good grip.

Overall, I think it's a really good hideout blade. There maybe some problems with the design, such as point strenght. But then you should get a some type of tanto, I guess. I like it because it's small,comfortable,sharp and very concealable.
Being of Scottish descent, the Culloden "Speaks to me". I want one. One day i will buy one. But as of yet I haven't.
The blade design is as OLD as Stonehenge, and some how makes me want to go out and toss a Kaber, eat Hagus and wear a Kilt.
That may be the main reason I havn't got one yet. Should I get one I fear I would have to paint 1/2 my face blue and go about smashing things.

It is a dagger... made for stabbing meat - namely thin skinned bipeds. And for that job - It does it well. Notice how the handle won't slip if it gets covered in blood?

Okay, I'll stop.

Cold Steel did me proud making that knife.
I just wish they made a version with a handle made of traditional material.
I really like this knife as well and for the same kind of visceral reasons mentioned by Kodiac and Mr. Blonde. The profile is very thin, but the blade seems reasonably stout. It's very sharp right out of the box with the pointiest (?) tip I've ever seen on a blade. It feels very good in my hand, would certainly perform it's intended tasks admirably and for the price seems like a very good deal.
Hello, I really haven't used it much, but I carry it often. It is very nice and makes me feel good to know it' there just in case. Buy one, it's worth having.