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Cold Steel folding Scimitar

Oct 2, 1998

At first when I saw the hotlink to this, I yawned. "Oh boy, another Cold Steel uselessly radical product" I thought. Then when the image came up, I was like "Cool!". Not just the cool looks, but I mean from a user standpoint, that design looks like it would really perform! I can't wait to get my hands on one and see if it feels as good at it looks. My eye is usually pretty good, and I can predict that that looks like a very ergonomical defensive folder and utility knife, like a radical, lesser expensive, AFCK. One bad point is: it looks really scary!
Funny thing is, Cold Steel is just starting to jump on the liner lock fad, and it is already gone. Doh!

Here is the web address to see it: http://www.coldsteel.com/scimitar.html

You know what's odd? That swept-back blade may be the BEST possible application for a combat linerlock. Think about where the pressure is gonna be on a stab: directly AWAY from the liner versus distributed 50/50 between liner and spine stop on a spearpoint. For that matter, the CSVG blade actually puts most of the stabbing pressure into a "closing pressure" rather than opening, it's the main weakness of the Nogales blade shape. CS gets away with it due to a strong lock.

VERY interesting little upswept piece. How much does anyone wanna bet a 6" version is at least being kicked around? HELL ya, I'd buy one in a screamin' second. As is, if I was restricted to 4" by law this would at least be in the running.

Jim March
Good "point" on the upswept blade taking pressue off the lock.
I wonder if it is thin enough that you can punch with it closed in the hand like a tabek maliit? Cold Steel's are known for being really thick when closed. That pommel might come in really useful. The handle shape approaches that of a kerambit.
I think I am going to try the serrated version this time. Those serrations do cut like crazy, and I think I can figure out how to sharpen them now that I am more skilled.

Actually, it looks more like a pocket jambiya to me

I hate to admit that I almost want one. Now I have to think of an innocent use for it. Slicing chillies and garlic on the cutting board with a rocking motion?


It kind of intrigues me too, and right after I disparaged CS folders on another thread. I wonder how smooth a CS linerlock is and how far out of the pocket that curved handle sits. Has anyone seen a MSRP on it?


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Just one little correction. CS has made a liner lock in the past, they called it the Ultra Lock.
It was/is a fairly nice knife. At least I like mine. They quit making them a few years ago.
Hey, it has kinda the same blade shape as the Garlic Slayer, but the handle must be bigger to accomodate the blade. It has no dropped edge so you can't use the whole blade on a cutting board, but it is nicely curved so that you can use most of it. Turned upside down, it would make a fine letter opener.
About 90% of the edge should be usable on the cutting board, as the front end of the handle only drops a tiny bit below the blade edge. But you can only use the outer few inches of the cutting board, since the butt of the handle drops a whole lot. At the desk, the upswept false edge looks good for prying staples and other things you wouldn't want to do to smutz up the edge.

For a whole different vision of a "Garlic Knife," check out this link.


At this point I think it`s necessary to point out the difference in garlic knives. Knives like Roselli are most suitable for domesticated garlic. The floding scimitar was clearly designed to tackle the task of chopping the sometimes dangerous varieties of wild garlic. For these varieties the folding scimitar,welding gloves,and kevlar body armor are always advisable. Marcus
I remember as a kid playing with a knife with a blade the same as this. My friends father brother bought it back after serving in North Africa during the 2nd world war. It has always fired up my imagination and I will definately be getting one.
I remember as a kid playing with a knife with a blade the same as this, had a real curvey sheath. Too young to know much about knives at the time so wouldn't know what steel etc. My friends brother bought it back after serving in North Africa during the 2nd world war, bought it off an Arab. It has always fired up my imagination and I will definately be getting one.