Cold Steel Gunsite Folder

What does everyone think of this knife? I really liked it, especially for the price. Anyone experience major problems with it? Does anyone know about the ATS-34 that Cold Steel uses in their folders and it's properties?


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Hmmm.. Isn't it that Cold Steel uses AUS8-A on their folders?

Oops Dan, you're right! I was still drooling over the Carnivour when I posted this. AUS8-A is what I meant! Sorry!


"How I wish that somewhere there existed an island for those that are wise and of good will." -Albert Einstein
The Gunsite folder is essential an XL tanto voyager, with a few extra features. AUS-8 is a reasonably tough stainless steel with mediocre edge holding.

This is a fine folder, though I dislike partially-serrated edges and so went with the XL tanto Voyager instead. The primary edge on these things are hollow ground very thin. They are SCARY sharp. But I know of one report of a guy who did some hard slashing tests with this knife, and the thing slashed like crazy until the entire edge rolled! That's what you risk with thin, soft edges.

Still think anyone looking at a big CS folder should be looking at the Vaquero Grande. Might as well go all the way.

I'm with Mr. Talmadge on this one. It's basically a Voyager tanto, and for nearly every use you'd be better served by a Vaquero-series blade. CS folders are big and strong for Zytel knives, though a bit pricey for a plastic handle. Their serrations are downright awful because they chip easily, are hard to sharpen, and CS won't sharpen them for you. But their plain-edges are wickedly sharp and the steel is decent. I'd always choose a Spyderco over a CS, but we all ave our bias.


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Nov 16, 1998
I LOVE it! Gunsite Folder is Cold Steel's finest folder IMO.

I like the overall size and the 50/50 combo edge on that bad boy Tanto Blade! Only wish CPM 440V, 420V, BG-42, or ATS-34, 55 were used instead of AUS-8. AUS-8 is fine, just these others are a little better steels.

Ut oh, said this again ...


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From: Ivan 6-30-99 230PM EDT I also think Big Gunsite is a awesome knife. It is like having a small sword on you and even fits good in a right rear pocket carry. It would a good self defense knife in a pinch; slash and run!
Hi Mark,
Welcome back from vacation.

I have had 2 Gunsites and though I like the Voyager series I was disappointed with both Gunsites since both had vertical play against the spring lock. I sent the first one back to CS and it took them almost 2 months to get my replacement sent to me and that knife had the same tension movement.

My 4" Voyager and Vaquero Grande were just fine though.

The Triangle Sharpmaker can easily sharpen the serrations on the Gunsite and other CS serratins IMO. I haven't had any problem.

If you're looking for a Mega-Folder the price is right, though.