Cold Steel Gunsite II

Apr 24, 2000
I've always enjoyed the Cold Steel Tanto line of knives. Saw this folder version and had to pick it up. Used it pretty extensively for hunting (cleaning birds, rabbits, etc) and utility.

Problem - the clip. It's molded into the (insert your favorite techno-name for plastic here) handle. While clipped into my pocket, it caught on the jamb of a door and snapped off.

Called Cold Steel, and I'll apparently be getting a replacement - and from the looks of it, they've gone to a Spyderco-style metal clip.
Yes, they have now gone to a metal clip design. I wonder how well it is set into the zytel though? I had a Benchmade 830 get caught and it yanked the inserts right out of the handle. Ever since then I am a bit cautious of them. The Spyderco's are better, but even they have some problems with the cutout for the clip becoming deformed and causing the clip to slide from side to side.

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