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cold steel knives-love or hate ????

Sep 7, 2000
I have 2 older brass master tantos, reg tanto, mini tanto, ss mini tanto, several san mai tanto shinobus, bushman, mini pals, ready edges a newer voyager and an old Hai Hocho.

The ones I use (many are mint collection items) seem to hold an edge well and cut well and are of high quality. The voyager was cheaper feeling but cut well, held an edge so-so and is now lost due to the poor clip design.

I have one brass master tanto and one large tanto shinobu (san mai) I might sell or trade. I want a Gurkha Kukri.

Cold Steel...

I have a Stainless Trail Master Bowie (Now, THIS IS a KNIFE!),, a "new-style" Stainless Tanto,, a "Black" (Carbon V) Recon Scout [a smaller version of the Trail Master Bowie],, and a "Black" (Carbon V) Peace Keeper II.

I would like to have a Stainless Mini-Tanto.

Dann Fassnacht
Aberdeen, WA
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I neither love nor hate Cold steel knives, They make good using knives.

I have an original Cutlery Shoppe Special Ops Master Tanto w/ kydex sheath, as well as a kobun and a stainless Mini Tanto.

I would have liked to have gotten an Imperial (San-Mai Damascus) Tanto, but at the time couldn't afford one.

"When the last individual of a race of living things breaths no more, another heaven and another earth must pass before such a one can be again." -William Beebe

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I give my respect to Cold Steel for doing a lot through marketing to bring well made knives to the main-stream during the 80's.

Personally, I don't like a lot in the Cold Steel line because they concentrate too much on lock-backs, and AUS-8 steels. However, I think my friend's big-bladed Gunsite folder is quite cool. It's no REKAT Sifu though.

I do like their fixed blades: hunters, tantos, etc. I also like their inexpensive Carbon V knives for their fun factor (just trash them). I think I'll get a CS Bushman soon.

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