On another post I asked the question if this knife has been tried by anyone. It seems like it could be at the top of the list for toughest knives anywere.
Oct 3, 1998

I see you moved your query here so I figured I'd post here rather than the "toughest knife" thread. The Nepalese khuhris are zone tempered with their 5160 steel varying in width depending on the model. The Cold Steel model is Carbon-V or a form of 50100-B.

Folks participating in the HI forums who have compared the two report good chopping power but some handle vibration with the CS, but overall the "original" Nepalese Sami made Gurkha used khuhri to be inherently more effective due to the variations in the blade contours, the more effective weight distribution, and handle design.

Both are incredibly tough but for the money, I'll take a Nepalese piece over CS anyday.


Keep yer powder dry and cutters hair poppin' sharp!

Were can I see a picture of one of these nepalee kukris and were can I get a fairly good deal for one. I have never owned a kukri of any kind but it seems like it would even be a better bush waker than a machete. I will probably buy both the CS and the nepalese.
I think everyone is comparing the 1/8 inch CS kukri. Instead of the 5/16 in CS kukri. I think the results may be better with the CS kukri, which is what that magazine article mentioned. Also the 50100B steel is actually higher in Carbon than 5160, providing better edge retention. I would like to see a comparison between these two knives.
Cobalt --

Again, someone has compared the two kukris you are asking about. It was a comparison of the CS Gurkha kukri (not the lite version) to the HI Ang Khola. Head over to the Himilayan Imports Forum of to find out more.

In short, though, as I recall the CS did hold an edge better. However, the CS's harder edge needed sharpening when it got dull. The HI could be burnished with the provided burnishing tool, so mean time between sharpening still might have favored the HI. In addition, the CS vibrated badly on hard chops.

The HI kukri I think is at a similar price point as the CS Ghurka, but the HI is handmade (if that matters to you) and appears to have some nice advantages.

I have an original CS ATC. It is an awesome knife. Pick one up and you want to go chop down a tree. One thing it is heavy and not a replacement for a machete for clearing work.
Thanks Joe, as I just stated in the other post, I will be ordering two HI's this morning and the CS one also, since I don't have any knives of this design.
Cobalt, the differential review can be seen here:

Note the two khukuri's are very different in geometry, one has a flat grind the other sabre. One has a differential temper the other does not.

As for the sharpening, I would assume the CS khukuri could be burnished, you would just need to use a harder steel as its harder than the HI chakma.

Since you are getting both I would be very interested in the toughness difference in relation to lateral stresses on the blade (which is one of the main selling points of the HI khukuris) and heavy impacts on the blade on very hard material to see the level of chipping or impaction.

Cobalt --

Buy 'em all! Good philosophy. I'll also be interested in hearing other comparison reviews on the two kukris.

Hi Cobalt

Which H.I. khukri's did you get? Did you get the 20" Ang Khola (the thickest of the one handed models)?

No, Will , I got two of the just received 15 inch Ang Kholas. Will probably receive them by next Monday. That size seems to be good for me, although, at 7/16 they are no slouches either. Thanks to you guys for setting me straight.