Cold Steel Recon Scout - this knife all that or all hype?

Jun 15, 1999
Basically - this knife worth $100, or is it more looks cool that actually useful?
I wouldn't say the knife is all that, but it is a great knife to take out and chop, slash and smash with. Takes punishment real well and keeps on cutting.
Worth the $$ IMHO.

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i like my scout
since im a collector and not really a user
i havent used the scout for much of anything

it does have the carbon 5 blade that some in
the know seem to like

it also has a great handle
Yep, it is a great knife for the money.

I've used mine hard -- everything from chopping fire wood to slicing and dicing 20 gallon plastic garbage cans -- and it still stays sharp!

Granted Lynn Thompson over-hypes a lot of things but quite a few his CS pieces deserve some hype!

BTW, in the over-hype department; this month's SPECIAL PRODUCTS catalog has a lengthy essay on tactical tomahawk fighting. (prompts one to wonder about the guy who brought a tomahawk to a gun fight.)

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Nothing fancy. It's a user for sure. Good to have with you when you can' t take along a prybar or a hammer.

Traded mine off........was not at all impressed with the VERY thick edge. The edgegrind was ridiculous.
The only reasons I could come up with were
a) poor quality control or
b) lack of confidence in the toughness of the steel.

Actually, judging by the numbers of satisfied uses on the forums, I suspect there is some variation in geometry from batch to batch. Mine was one of the glossy finished ones.

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Blade--should I take that to mean that you get the Special Projects catalog monthly? I just got the first one since last May and it's the same damn thing--same knives, same copy, same article, same Busse challenge. BORING!!
Frankly I'd rather read the article on tactical hawks.
Nope, its been at least that long since the last SP catalog but it seems like Lynn's rant then was on a different subject ... I don't remember tomahawk fighting before at least.
Honestly I only give the catalog a causal glance -- as you say the blades never change and prices are better elsewhere. I do look at the "seconds" occassionally if I'm looking for something to really beat up on. My Recon Scout's a second, my only CS blade, and its worth all $50 it cost.

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I will tell you one thing. If the weight/width of the steel is any indicator this knife will give the others a run for their money in our test this weekend!

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It is a decent knife, worth being person sensitive, but no I don't think a $100 sticker is ripping anyone off. It has features that I don't like and that do reduce the utility ability of the knife, the non-indexing handle and too thin point for example, but there are reasons for those aspects, they are just not useful to me.

One thing to consider about fixed blades is that there are custom makers out there very close to the $100 market and small semi-custom shops in that dollar range. You might be better suited to have a maker grind something to your specifications that go with a factory model. Generally I avoid production fixed blades unless they have something that I can't get in a custom (like INFI for example).


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Some good feedback guys. Mike, I'm really anticipating your results from the test, want ot see what it does and doesn't do.

Blade - where'd you get the CS Recon Scout for $50??
That was the going price for the CS second RS when I bought it. They now want $99.99 in their catalog. (For that money -- for a second -- I'd now buy one of their regular RS, if I was in the market, from a independent dealer at close to the CS catalog price!)

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