Cold Steel Scimitar or Voyager---which do you prefer?

Sep 3, 2000
I'm thinking of a Cold Steel Scimitar or a Voyager. I really like the way the Scimitar looks a lot. But the Voyager can give me a 5" blade (the 6" seems like it would be cumbersome for pocket carry.) This will be a self-defense knife primarily with light cutting chores of opening bags from time to time. I'm looking for rugged and dependable. The Scimitar looks pretty rugged and the blade just looks great. But how is it in "real life"? Any Scimitar owners and Voyager owners---please help! I'll very much appreciate your input.
The Voyagers are good tough affordable knives with excellent steel (AUS8). I have a tanto and a clip, both large size with 4" blades. Flat, light, easy to carry IWB, strong locks... it would be hard to go wrong with any of the models. Never handled a Scimitar but I don't know if the blade would be especially useful for an EDC... probably good for your purposes though.
I have an X2 Voyager w/ the big 6" blade. It is a lil' big for everyday carry but it's also not too big either. It's light weight makes it easy to carry but it's length could get in the way. I could carry mine everyday unless I had to tuck my shirt in. But it's so light weight you'll barely notice it, and the handle curves so it doesn't poke into you when you sit.

The lock is strong, when you flick it open (the large blade swings out with little effort)it makes a big CLACK sound, which sort of gives it the shot gun effect. It doesn't hold an edge very well, mine has a few nicks but I hear that it's easy to resharpen Aus8.
I owned a Scimitar and was very fond of it. Cool design, well implemented liner lock and overall a winner.

I have also owned many Voyagers.

I would go for what suite your tastes the best since they are very different knives.

I also own an El Lobo and El Hombre in plain edge (now discontinued) which are pretty sweet designs.

Good luck choosing!
I have the large Voyager and a Scimitar and love both of them.The Scimitar has a massive linerlock and very solid lock-up.The swelled grip fits my hand just right.The Voyager has a slimmer handle and a solid lock-back design.I carry mine for chores and defense.
I own a few of the Voyager line and must say for a lite wt. lockback they ain't bad. A little more robust than my Spyderco's. Of those in Spyderco I own are a Native and a lt. wt. plain edged goddard. The locks on the Voyagers are stronger. Steel is better in the Spydies.

Now the newest CS I have is the Pro Lite drop point. Purchased from Botak Tactical for 30 bucks plus shipping. Better than all the others put together. It uses double quenched cryo treated 440A steel that really seems to hold an excellant edge. It is scary sharp. The liner lock is really good on it and you can take the knife apart to clean it. It has a great belly to the blade and a rather pointy end also. It is a full .125" thick and carries the thickness almost out to the point. The grind lines are excellant and the lock as stated is beyond reproach. Alot better that on some of my way more expensive prod. knives. It has a great brushed satin finished, frn handle slabs, with thick stainless highly polished one side liners. 0 blade play in any direction and opens very smoothly. It is also a large appearing knife. Not quite as large obviously as my XL clip points but none the less a very decent sized knife. The blade shape makes it appear less threatening also. Keep'em sharp

PS I think the best bargain out there in knives of this sore today
I own all of the knifes mentioned so far in this thread. Once you buy one you will buy more..and more..and more. They are all great I have have found them to be very tough and rugged, all my knives are users and I do not baby them. In their price point cold steel folders are very good.
Thanks for the replies. Now I'm also thinking about a Vaquero or Vaquero Grande. I think the only way to solve this is to buy them all.