Cold Steel Survival/Rescue SR1 knife !!

Oct 6, 1998
I bought from a knife collecting friend a small Cold Steel knife called Survival/Rescue SR1

It has a kind of double edged sliding blade that through some “magic”
locks at the fully extended position and at the complete retracted position.
The blade is made of what CS says 400 Series Stainless Steel and is 2 7/8” long it is almost completely serrated only the edge portion turning to the point isn’t.
The dagger double-edged blade is hollow ground and the middle spine is only about 1/16” thick so you can imagine how thin the rest is.
The serration’s are typical CS one 3/16” wide serration followed by 5 micro serration’s also totalling 3/16” wide (total of 5).
The grip is some plastic straight constuction, rather bulky for the small blade and the sliding/locking button happily rattles when the knife is moved.
The opening is rather awkward because you have to move the handle forward to be able to put your thumb on the sliding button that is almost completely at the rear of the handle in closed position. This could lead to accidental dropping of the knife and subsequent loss of it.

Cold Steel says that the magic locking system can withstand 50 pounds I didn’t try it out till it gave way but reached about 45 pounds pressure on the scale pressing against a block of wood.
One big objection I have concerning this Survival/Rescue knife is the total lack of some kind of hilt
that keeps your valuable fingers/hand from sliding on the nasty serration’s.
Your hands/fingers are a very important tool in survival situation and cuts muscle, nerves and tendons are not really helpful when trying to survive.
Also for a survival knife I would like to see a lanyard hole where I can put some string/rope through so as not to lose the knife when dropped accidentally the SR1 doesn’t have it.
Also the grip colour is black, not handy when dropped by accident in leaves etc a SAK has red grips.
As is to be expected the serrated blade cuts very aggressive I only didn’t try to imitate Lynn Thompson’s test cutting through a 1” free hanging hemp rope with one swipe.
I just can’t see that happening in real life, and if it does I would rather have a 7-8” large blade handy to do the job (e.g Hill Knives KCT-001/002).
Why somebody would call this knife Survival/Rescue SR1 beats me because I wouldn’t want to be stuck in the Boonies with only this knife.
For it’s size and only an ounce or so heavier I would opt for a SAK that has a can opener, awl, tweezers, toothpick, screwdriver, bottle opener, large blade and perhaps even some extra tools.
Ok I never tried cutting a free hanging 1” hemp rope with my SAK but on the other hand I opened dozens of cans with it and I don’t see you opening a can of food with the SR1 without breaking this survival knife.

My conclusion, nice name for my new Survival/Rescue letter opener
because that my friends it does perform with excellent results.

All of you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.
Cheers, Bagheera


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Meneer Bagheera,
Prettige Kerstdagen en Gelukkig Nieuw Jaar!
I agree that the SR1 is better in the role of "gadget-Guy" letter opener! I make, modify and use many "no-hilted" japanese-influenced knives, but in the heat of a rescue situation, a hilt is really called for. Wann je kijk op mein slechte hollandse schreifen, aus je blieft, niet op me te veel slecht denken. Mein vater kommt van Den Haag.
-Redleg out.

"Blessed is the Lord my rock, who trains my hands for war, and my fingers for battle..." excerpted from Psalms 144.

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