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Cold Steel Tanto, Age, Worth & Steel Used?

Mar 14, 1999
I picked up a perviously owned Cold Steel Tanto yesterday at a gun show for 60.00 in excellant shape, never used or sharpened. It has a brass guard and pommel and is marked : Made in Japan on right side and;
by Cold Steel,
Ventura, Calif.
on left side. Was that a fair price? Is this and older production? What steel was used? Any help would be appreciated!
Does it say AUS-8 or San Mai? Big difference in price. Also what is thickness of it? Length? Does it say anything else?
It is an old knife. They discontinued making the tantos with brass. It was a fair price, though never sharpened is confusing. CS always sharpens thier knives. Hmmmm.


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Well, if it's a 3/16 inch thick blade about 11 inches long or thereabouts, you got a very good deal. Discounted CS tanto's are going in the low $100 range.