COLD STEEL Throwers,,, save yur money??

Allen Blade

Oct 29, 1999

Last week MARION DAVID POFF stopped by to show me his new Cold steel throwing Knife he had bought. Looked ok for a thrower,
Black epoxy coated,Throwing style shape.....ect..ect... i said lets try it out!! so we went out back to kill my Japanese
locust tree... we were throwing from id say
10 ft maybe, and that Knife never did stick Right, Point first then bounced out of the tree!!

We attempted to make it stick by gettin
closer to the tree,,no luck.

After about the 8th ot 9th throw it hit the tree and snapped in half!!!!!! A perfect break right where the handle flares into the main body of the blade.

After inspecting the blade Break,,,it seemed
to have splintered slightly on one corner, and the balance was a straight line break.

The Structure of the break was fine grained, so Grain growth wasnt a factor, but i think for that style of Knife,meant to throw, it is just alittle to HARD to be used as it was designed.

It also seemed to be not balanced right for its purpose,as out of One revolution throws
it stuck only 2 times, and then not to any depth at all.

Anyway,,,,this was the results of one Knife only so i guess its up to you, if you want to spend the dollars on a Thrower that may not stick(Geometry of the blade) and or Break
under use.

Have any other experianced Breakage???

well so much for my Little Review.

Take Care,
Allen Blade
I bought six of them after the first two broke i layed the others between two boards and hit them with a hammer all broke one wack called CS they where very nice said send them back we will give you new ones and a free gift for your trouble.
well all six new ones broke one wack with the hammer so did the next six.
when i ask for my money back they accused me of trying to ripe them off cause i only bought six but had returned eighteen broken knives. i got my money back but no gift . sent a letter to lynn thompson never got a you can guess what i think of CS.

Yep,i think they are heatreated to hard for throwing knives, also the Edge around the profile of the blade was rough also,which might have lead to stress Fractures maybe.

Allen Blade
Just my thoughts, no offense intended. lonegunman, I could see asking for your money back, when you broke the first six. Maybe even the second 6, you should have asked then. But to get 6 more for a total of 18 just to see if they would break? C'mon, I think Cold Steel was right to refuse your refund after that. Again, just my opinion.

Ah, I see they did give you a refund. In that case they were being more than fair. Either way, it would appear you took advantage of them.

You think the thrower is a POS, you should try that crappy Bad Ax. Throwing 'hawks get their handles broke all the time but this is the first time I ever saw the head brake before the handle. I wouldn't have thought much about it if it had not happened to THREE of them. I really like Cold Steel knives but they sure are damaging their rep with some of these cheap throwers.
just to put in my 2 cents, I have three pro flight throwers from cold steel and throw them almost every night. I have not had one break yet and they stick great, when I do my part. I have not tried hitting them with a hammer as this should surely void any warrenty. they have been it by incoming knives alot, with no ill effect.
As for the bad axe I have benn through 3 handels but the head is still in good shape except for paint wear.
I think that these Knives are a good deal
when you consider they are only 15 bucks a pop.( although they could be heavier)

just my thoughts Dan wilson
So they dont perform too great as throwers, hows the edge geometry for cutting? as they would apear to make a decent utility/beater knife
I wastn't trying to take advantage of them just get what i had paid for there ads used to show them bending there thowers in a pressone hit with a claw hammer shouldn't brake a knife that they say can take 2000 pounds in a press.these knifes where bad and they just kept shipping them.

Im sure David will back me up on this, but on this knife he had,we were not Even throwing what i would call Extremely Fast.

In fact the one that broke it was more of a Lobbing throw,,just trying to figure out the Rotation because , we were having a heck of a time making it stick. Then SNAP!!

As for the Edge Geometry,,,no way would it make a cutting instrument of any merit,

it is ground with only 1/4inch to 3/8 bevels at sharp angles to the Zero tolerance edge.

Convex Ground Throwers are loads better.

but just from the structure and formation of the break i can tell that that level of hardness is to brittle for its use intended,

on this one anyway!!

my .02

Allen Blade
I picked up a True Flight Thrower at one of those ripoff knife stores in malls (the ones that completely overcharge), I haggled a bit so I actually got a fair price.

In any case I must have bought the exception to the rule because mine has held up well, despite my initial lack of skill. I have thrown as hard as I could without any trouble so far, the only thing that has really worn is the black coating, 3/4" of the tip is now uncoated.

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I have handled the True Flight and Pro Flight throwers and althought the Pro series lean more toward the "throwing knife" design, I find the True Flight series to be a much better knife.

That being said, I don't throw my knives. Even my "bottom of the backpack" TFTs from Cold Steel.
I have owned a "bad axe" and I'm not impressed, considering within a week I had bent the crap out of it so much I had to use a 2000 lb hydrolic press just to straighten it out a bit. I prefer the other throwers (including the true flight)
Allen, production knives can have very different performance ranges unless there is a tight QC policy. I have seen horrible results from some Ontario knives and yet decent from others (similar geometries). You take your chances with low end work.

As for hitting throwing knives with a normal sized hammer. If they break then they are a piece of crap. Tempered medium carbon low alloy steels (throwing knife steel) are very difficult to break.

The latter could in general be extended to any heavy use knife. The shock a blade would recieve from hitting a flat with a hammer is not near as stressful as high impact chopping is on the edge. As an example Gransfors axes are tested after forging by hitting the edge with a large hammer. The blade has to be undamaged for it to be acceptable for sale.

As for lonegunman, CS stated a level of performance, there is nothing wrong with the consumer insuring that this is the case.


lonegunman, you raise a very good point. I guess you are right, Cold Steel makes some pretty incredible claims about thier knives. Im still not sure it was reasonable to break all 18 of them before wanting your money back, but I can see your point about simply wanting them to back up what they say about thier product. Good luck in your search for a decent throwing knife.

CS does harden their throwing knives too much. I have gotten lucky with some of my TFTs, while others have broken. There are lots better places to get throwers (see the top link at, and lots of other links from the parent to companies and individuals selling properly hardened, properly weighted, throwing knives. The problem of course is that you're not going to get anything but smaller lighter knives in the $15 range (though there are a few good examples of these). You have to jump to somewhere between $25 and $35 to start seeing really professional throwers.
I think you were a unfair to Cold Steel Lonegunman. There are plenty of soft throwers on the market, but you chose one made of Carbon V. I thought it was cool that they made a thrower out of quality steel. I think any thrower would fail your hammer test, hard ones would break and soft ones would bend! Locust trees are extremely hard and hitting wrong can cause a vibration which will cause a tempered blade to break!
I think you should have used the knives as they were intended, and CS would replace any that broke. But to break 18 of them and then get a refund? I don't think you can complain about CS!!
Maybe we need to reccomend trowing against a softer material until you can get them landing on point!
Im sorry... but a good thrower aint gonna break when yah bang it with a hammer.... I had a CS Trailmaster, and I did all sorts of bad things to it.. including throwing(it was actually good at that) and repeating the test of smashing cinder blocks with it. It did not show the least hind of gross damage. Yea a few dings from the brick, but it lived. I cannot see how a well made thrower could possibly be broked by throwing, hammering or otherwise.
4s i haven't seen a thrower in C5.
coldsteel does make some good knives and some not so good.
all i wanted was knifes of the quality that they advertise i didn't ask for my money back untill they said we cant guaranty that the new ones wont brake because we have no way to check them. and there ads show them testing them in a press.
then a thower brakes then being thrown by a 12 year old boy at a tree there CRAP!
try to find someone who says hitting there thower once with a hammer voids there waranty.GOOD LUCK!