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Cold Steel Tomahawk

Aug 12, 1999
I got a CS hawk recently and would like to know if anyone has any good ideas about how to secure the steel head of the hawk to the wooden handle. Whats the best way? Nails thru the top? Some kind of wedges in the side?Why dont they do this at the factory instead of shipping it with the head loose? Thanx.
The handle should flare out at the head end. Drop the head over the small end and let it slide up the handle until it wedges on the flare. Give it a good thump or two to seat the head on the shaft. There should be an extra inch or two of handle above the head to allow the head to be re-seated after it wears a bit. . . If the handle lasts that long.
Hey Doc I know what you mean. The reason the head is not secured is the 'hawk is designed to be thrown which will in time result in a broken handle---it is loose so you can replace it easily. Unlike a hammer or hatchet where the handle flares out BELOW the head to keep the head from slipping down, on the these CS 'hawks it flares above the head so that the centrigul force imparted when its thrown will not cause the head to fly off. Try tapping it down really good to get it seated. After that your guess is as good as mine. I've been thinking about using one of those worm drive hose clamps under the head. Putting a nail or screw through the wood will weaken the handle IMO. Let us know if you come up witha really good solution as I intend to use mine as a tool and would really like to fasten the head securely.


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You could put a very,very little dab of epoxy on one side only to keep it tight.
Don't use anymore than you're willing to file out though.
If your gonna throw it,don't worry about it,because as everyone so far has said it isn't a question if it will break,just when.

These are a lot easier to replace than a regular hatchet,axe,or hammer handle and you will come to appreciate the design. It doesn't take long to chop out a handle with the head if you should happen to break it in the woods.
I have several different styles and sizes of 'hawks.I like he ones that you can buy replacement handles for.
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I always put a pin through the head of my axes to secure the handle and prevent the head from flying off... nothing fancy, usually a 3/16 inch hole or thereabout and an iron nail to fit. Then again, I don't throw them.
Try seating the head as well as you can by hand, then go do some chopping with it. Mine was pretty much self seating and head very well after a little while, until, as everyone has noted, the handle broke.
I still have the head in the basement, haven't gotten around to replacing it.
Us country bumpkins use a different approach.

When you get the handle, sand it down good. Then drill a 1/16 diameter hole about 1" deep straight up into the top and bottom of the handle. Then soak it in boiled linseed oil for a week. This doesn't work with all the handles I've tried, dry hickory seems to work the best.

That will flare out both ends slightly, and make the handle more flexible and less likely to break. I get a lot of use out of my throwin' hawks, been doin' it fer years.

Soak the head and the handle in water over night. It will swell the wood for a very tight fit. When you put the head over the handle thump the head portion a couple of times to seat it securely then soak it. Clean the head thoroughly when done. Use a mill bastard file to sharpen it or large stone. I got mine for muzzleloading. From Discount Knives it was like 17 bucks including shipping. The head is forged too.
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Thanx to all for your replies to my CS hawk question. This is my first day on this site, just found it, I LOVE IT HERE! You are all as
bad as I am! At last I have found a home for unregenerate knife freaks like myself. I spent 4 hours looking at this site the first time I found it. Looking forward to learning a lot here.
Well then congrats Doc. This is just you 2nd. post I see.
Welcome to the best forum about knives and such there is.
There is a "lot" to learn from young and old here.
I see you're from PA. My wife is from Warren in the northwestern part of the state. Nice country up there.
Ya been throwin 'hawks long or is this the 1st.???


The civilized man sleeps behind locked doors in the city while the naked savage sleeps (with a knife) in a open hut in the jungle.
This is the first hawk I've owned, so I was kind of unsure about what to do with the head/handle thing. I've gotten lots of good advice so far tho'! I live in NE Pa, from Scranton originally, in a small town called East bangor now. I want to use the hawk on backpacking trips.
You might like to check out this place. I have several of these and gave my wife a 15" Ang Khola.My opinion is that these are the greatest outdoor tools in the world. I have several 'hawks too.
My cuz makes one once in a while and will give me one.
There are many kinds of edged tools to do the job. It's just what we each like.

See what you think about these.I usually hang out in the H.I. forum most of the time.Come and visit us.

Take care.


The civilized man sleeps behind locked doors in the city while the naked savage sleeps (with a knife) in a open hut in the jungle.