Cold Steel Tomahawks

Feb 19, 1999
I just bought one of these things a couple weeks ago (Frontiersman model) and I have some mixed feelings about it.
After reading all the glowing things the Cold Steel catalog had to say, (You can take it as gospel right?)
First complaint is that the head would NOT stay tight on the shaft. Now I don't have a GREAT deal of experiance with hawks, so maybe this isn't that big a deal, and I DID finally get it so it would stay. (I think) but I was less than impressed.
Second is appearance.
The blade is actually canted to the right about 5 degrees! This isn't enough to be a problem when I use it for light chopping duties around camp, but it IS annoying.
The weight is a little lighter than I'd like but that's just personal preference.
I'm REALLY put off by the word
TAIWAN stamped bolding into the right side of the blade. No way to take it out without having to completely re-finish the head.
It came VERY dull even by "Hatchet" standards and maybe Lynn Thompson can put a shaving edge on it, but not with the grind angle that comes from the factory!
Years ago I bought a cheapo little hatchet for 5 bucks or so at a flea market and took it home. Just out of curiousity I whizzed it at one of my trees and it THUNKED nicely into the wood and stuck DEEP!
I was so impressed I went back and bought 3 more of them. They are GREAT little throwing toys.
I kinda figured that if a crappy little chinese camp hatchet would throw that well, a real tomahawk should be MUCH better, but the fact is, I haven't been able to get the hawk to stick ONCE!
Is it just ME or has anyone else had similar experiance?

I cut it, and I cut it, and it's STILL too short!

It sounds like you should return it. Cold Steel products are usually better than that.
Yeah go ahead and return it!
I think you got a dud. I have one of
each model of cold steel hawks, and they are
great! after finding my distance i can stick
them every time. also my son has another coldsteel frontier hawk and he can stick
it both overhand and underhand!
I have tried other hawks from other makers
and I think the coldsteel hawks a good deal, for the money.
hope this helps,and good luck with your
future throwing. Dan Wilson