Cold Steel Trailmaster and Ghurha Kukri

Jun 15, 1999
Out of these 2 knives, has anyone used them enough to review what one might be better for serious hacking? Yeah they'r eboth good, but what are some things one might have over the other?
I've hacked with and owned both. You won't get a better chopper, as far as big blades go, than a Kukri - any GOOD Kukri. And without a doubt the CS Gurkha Kukri is an awesome chopper.
I used a Trailmaster for chopping once, and found that the guard's edge on the back of the blade started digging into my hand, between my thumb and forefinger - after a short while it really started to hurt. From then on I came to the decision that a guard protruding on the top (back), of a knife is unecessary, and something that shouldn't be there. That's why I like the guard on the SRK, for example. I still think the Trailmaster is a great blade, I just wish it had a guard like the SRK.
I have a lot of Cold Steel knives and think they are about the best "work" knives for the money. If you get a Khukuri skip the Cold Steel Version and get a real one for half the price. They are awesome!

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Tuff, you may wish to consider getting a Panawal Khukuri from Gurkha House. My experience with this chopper has been very good. Also, at around $80, it's probably going to be your most "bang for the buck."
It chops and chops and chops, and holds its edge very well. No discomfort to the hand.
I don't think you can go wrong with one of these.

-Mike L.

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Mike - got a URL to the site? $80 sounds real cheap. As good as, or at least close to, quality level of a Cold Steel one?

I don't know if that will come thru as a link, or not. There is also a link to Ghurka house on the home page of the Forums.
I don't work for, neither am I related to, anyone at Ghurka House. I just believe that they supply one hell of a chopper for the money.

--Mike L.

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For not much more money over the Gurka House cited above, you can get a HI Ang Khola. There isn't a better "chopping" khukri out there.

Both outfits offer great khuris although I must admit being partial to the outstanding workmanship of those from HI's dedicated kami shops in Nepal.


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I agree about the GH khukuris. Check em out,they`re a heck of a lot of knife for the money. They`re hand forged,ground,handled and everything. I have a Bhojpure,it`s a bit shorter than the CS but much thicker with a polished buffalo horn handle and brass fittings. Overall polish is good and the grind is very nice. I`d put it up against a CS anyday,I`d be willing to bet it holds an edge just as long and is twice as strong. They have a sort of slightly dished crossection that would be next to impossible to grind it pretty much has to be forged to shape and they`re zone hargened to make them stronger and more vibration resistant. The CS might be better if you cut strictly light stuff (although a $15 machette would be better yet IMO) but the GH or HI khukuris will blow it away in serious chopping. Marcus
I've been hearing bout the GH models a lot now and it is now the ghurkha I want. Looking to try one out sometime soon hopefully...
thanks guys
I own a CS Trailmaster and CS Gurkha Light Kukri. If I were you I would forego the Trailmaster in favor of the Kukri for serious use. THe Kukri's slimmer yet longer blade gives you an awesome cutting slicing effect w/ out binding up in the wood (as thicker blades do). Another thing to consider w/ High Carbon blades is the Blade coating. The Kukri's coated blade is a godsent in the field. The reason I never used my Trailmaster is because the High Carbon blade instantly starts to rust in humid enviroments (No good for field use!).
I can second what Defender says about the CS Trailmaster rusting very easily. Mine is a "carbon V" version. One night in the North West Territories I forgot it in a log and by morning it was beginning to pit. I didn't have a guard problem, though. The knife is excellent for woodcraft, although I don't think it can't penetrate like a kukri. If you need serious clearing power for trails etc, the khukri may be better. If you need more knife for chopping and splitting etc, you probably need an ax.
I have both the CS Trailmaster and kukuri. Except for uses that require a long non-curved edge (such as preparing food) the kukuri is superior. The spine to edge distance is wider so the blade expands more gradually, which makes the kukuri a better slicer. As well the belly and recurve greatly enhances slicing.

For chopping the shear mass and blade design makes the kukuri better. Again, blade geometry helps penetration.

Ditto Bob's comments about H.I. and G.H.