Cold Steel Trailmaster and Recon Scout

Oct 3, 1998

Can't tell you how much I've enjoyed this entire series of tests. Although I remain sceptical about the usefulness of the 9"-ish bowie to me, I'm considering buying one. If I do decide to get one (probably Combat Basic 9 or RTAK), and you're interested, I'll have it shipped directly to you.

Cliff, how did you get Cold Steel to donate those knives to you? You just call them and ask for those, you planned on reviewing them?
Thanks Joe. Concerning the larger bowies, I appreciate the offer. If you could stand to wait a little, I have a BM coming, it was supposed to be sent out two weeks ago last friday, and can pass it on to you to have a look at it once I work with it awhile (a month or so). I have spoken with Busse at length about the fact that other people use my knives and he didn't mind so you can feel free to do whatever you want with it.

Tuff, Cobalt contacted CS and discussed it with them.

I finished up the last bit of testing on the knives this weekend including the final durability run. I should have the results up today.


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