cold steel trailmaster

Dec 23, 1999
hi all,
I am thinking of getting a BIG knife
to keep in my 4x4 and just to have.Not
for any kind of defence.
anyways the carbon trailmaster 2nd seems like a good deal($129). any others in that price range I should consider?
as always thank you all for your input
Hi, Guttercat; In that price range, you might also consider the TrailMaker by Marble. It's on my ever growing list of things I need. The carbon steel blade is really similar, but the handle and fixtures are more traditional in appearance.

Of course, being an owner of many Cold Steel products, I have nothing but warm fuzzy feelings for the Trailmaster. I've held it I don't know how many times in stores, and it feels incredibly good.

Good luck deciding!

-Gregory Zolas
Hi Guttercat,

I have a brand new Carbon V Trailmaster that I got as a warrentee replacement from Cold Steel just a month ago, never cut anything with it, except shaving my lower left arm completely smooth in one swipe! (NIB with papers plastic bag, red caution sticker etc.)
My preferences have changed to smaller knives so I'm willing to part from it and even though I live in Europe (Holland) postage would be on me, just drop me an email.
Cheers, Bagheera


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I have had a Trailmaster Bowie for many years. Mine is one of the older ones with
Moran style edge design, at least that's what I think they call it. Anyway, it is hard to go wrong owning one, especially for that price. I have chopped through wood, gutted a moose with one and generally used the heck out of it. It is a great knife that with care will last you a lifetime. IMO
thanx guys I wll look into the marbles.
bagheera I sent you a e-mail.
I'll let you all know what I decide.
Go with a Newt Livesay's RTAK

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In terms of utility the tip on the Trailmaster is fairly weak as it is thin. The handle is also not well shaped for heavy chopping and the Kraton tends to get slimy very easily. The steel is nice and hard and so takes a high performance edge well but will chip out on bone and such. It also rusts fairly easily.


I just got back from the Cs main site and boy do i have a doozey for you. a 9.5 inch kukri (which has a handle more suited to chopping), 5/16 blade, Carbon V, weighs 13.9 oz (less than a trailmaster), and you can get them from for only 60 bucks! I'm in love!

You can't go wrong with a SOG.
I just got a SOG Government and I would take it over a Trailmaster any day.
With a price of around $89.00 you cant go wrong.
Don't get me wrong I don't have any thing against CS. I even own 6 CS knives. I just like SOG a little bit better now that I have a few.

P.S. you might look into the SOG Seal too. It might be a closer to what you are looking for.

Why not a CS bushman? It is a sturdy and
cheap knife with very good reviews. Check
the other post "kill a bushman" to see if it suits you (especially in terms of size).
I have had a Trailmaster for several years. I have used it heavily and have had no problems. It will do any heavy work that you need it to do. It works great for splitting the pelvis of an elk or deer.
You may want to take a look at the Cold Steel Recon Scout. It is a 7 1/2" version of the CS Trail Master (same blade metal, shape, thickness, handle). If you want a lighter knife the SOG government, or the CS Bush Ranger should work well.
Unless you have small hands I cant reccomend the TM, I had one for a good while, and the grip constantly caused blisters because I coudlnt get a very good purchase on it.