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Cold Steel Vietnam Tomahawk

Apr 27, 2000
I'd just gotten a piece of the CS Vietnam Tomahawk. Any comment....?

Irìd Ghibht Dhé Agus An Ban-Rìgh
"Through the Grace of God and the Queen"
What piece of it did you get?

Ya should have saved-up your money awhile longer, so you could have bought the whole thing. What good is just a piece of a Tomahawk?.

Dann Fassnacht
Aberdeen, WA
ICQ# 53675663

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I've got two of them and think they are worth the $20 I paid for each. One I kept original and the other I sharpened to a razors edge. The heat treat seems to be good on mine and the overall finish great for the price.

To be blunt, I would only be more scared of being attacked with a sword then by this thing. With practice, this thing is quite possibly the ultimate close quarter non handgun weapon. You cant fling it all over the place with precision.

Ya just gotta love that spiked end also! Ouch!

Javahed - I had gotten the upper top piece...
from someone I now in my village, he broke the lower handle so I got the top part from him for 5 pounds.

glockman99 - Well I intend to give it a new handle, just want to know how to...What the hack, I just buy a new one then.....

jc - Thanks for your comment, I realise that the spike at the end is really a killer, I don't really like the holder though, maybe I just sling it behind me...Hopefully I don't cut myself
yes it was discontinued...

There is this last one left in a knife shop in Edinburgh, I already reserved one, lucky me

Irìd Ghibht Dhé Agus An Ban-Rìgh
"Through the Grace of God and the Queen"
Tennessee, you should have seen the Viet Nam hawks that Cutlery Shoppe sold for a year or so. They were like magnum versions of Cold Steel hawk. Really big.

jc, I heard that! I forget the story, but I recall a bunch of our troops getting their hawks confiscated after some "higher ups" witnessed the results of hand-to-hand with these things.

LOL Dann! (shaking head)

"When loss and gain are alike to one, that is real gain.."
Kwaiken56 - I will go check out with the dealer down at Edinburgh reagrding the "Viet Nam hawks that Cutlery Shoppe sold". It's not wise to buy these things online in Britain...
Anyway thanks for the info...

Irìd Ghibht Dhé Agus An Ban-Rìgh
"Through the Grace of God and the Queen"