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Cold Steel's Voyager: Feedback please!

Oct 6, 2000
With all of the knives that I own, I still have never purchased a Cold Steel product. I am now considering a CS Voyager (#29XTH). Can anyone offer any first hand experiences with this or any of CS products. For a 5" blade folder it seems almost too reasonable in price. Is the quality (steel, construction, strength etc.) good? Thanks.
I own almost every one of the 5" line. The one I carry the most is the 5" clip point plain edge, with the old style clip. Without a doubt probably the strongest lock backs I have owned. The sharpest too. Don't go much for CS hype but these do indeed perform as stated. I wish the grip of the clip points was different, but it is good enough. You can sometimes find the older style as I have for a more than fair price. These are worth it! The shearing potential of the edge is awesome, just because they are ground so thin. The AUS8 they use holds and edge reasonably well. I am very happy with mine. Just the other day for something to do I took the plain edge tanto I have, and hung a magazine up in the garage with some duct tape across the top of it and supsended between to peices of heavy twine. One swipe almost all the way through the mag. It was an old Tactical Knives issue. A fitting end to the mag. Not much of a martial artist I just wanted to see if I could do it and I did. Get one you will be happy. Keep'em sharp.
My only complaint would be the useless serrations that CS uses.
I snapped/broke several off of my xtra large voyager while cutting through some pvc.
Overall though, they are excellent knives, and well worth the money. Just remember to only get the plain edge models, and stay away from the ginsurattions.


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Thanks guys. I ordered the knife today through the site recommended by Clayton. This is, by far, the lowest price I have seen. Thanks again.

You made a very wise choice in buying a Cold Steel Voyager. I have MANY of them, and I'm sure you will to, once you see the quality you get in these knives for the $ you pay.

PS...When you receive the Voyager that you ordered, be VERY CAREFUL with it, as they really DO come razor-sharp!

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I have the 4" blade plain edge Voyager. In the two months I've had it, this knife has become my favorite Zytle folder. I carry it every other week at work, switching out with my previous fav., the Spyderco Endura. The next Cold Steel I buy will probably be an El Lobo. RKBA!
I personally think they feel a bit "cheesey", but then again I've never been a real big fan of plastic knives. I had a medium Voyager for a bit, it served me well enough I suppose. I hated the molded in clip- although I hear that's been changed on the most current models.

Eventually I just gave it away after I started getting into knives that I perceived as being much, much, nicer and made of materials that really made me go "wow, now that's realy nice..." Of course, this meant I was spending a lot more than I was on stuff like the Cold Steels.

I'll always remember CS as the stepping stone into higher end stuff for me. Now I just feel that while they still make some neat fixed blades, their folders leave something to be desired. For similar money, I'd go look at the CRKT line first.

You get what you pay for, and with Cold Steel, it's no exception.


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Today is 1/10 and I just received my Cold Steel Voyager. Most of what each of you said in this tread is true. You do get what you pay for. The Voyager does seem to be a lot of knife for the money. My first impressions are as follows:

a) The knife and lock seem very strong and secure.
b) The blade is very very very sharp. It is sharpened to a very thin razor edge, so most likely will not hold the edge in hard use.
c) The serrations do seem to be very fragile and look like they will snap off under hard use.
d) The overall finish of the knife is very good, for the money.
e) The handle is an odd thing. It seems very strong and stable, yet it feels cheap and very plastic at the same time. Not my favorite, but again, I only paid $50 for the knife!
f) Here is the kicker to me: The blade, when opened is very very sturdy. Much more sturdy than I would have imagined. There is absolutely no blade wobble at all. My $200 Emerson Commander blade wiggles and wobbles and constantly needs to be adjusted to keep it in place.
g) I also own a REKAT Sifu. The Sifu is a much nicer, stronger knife, but costs twice as much.

My initial impressions make me want to say that if you are looking for a $50 folder which is a great, impressive, intimidating knife, you will not go wrong with CS Voyager.