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Collection Clearance -KNIVES ADDED-

Discussion in 'Europe & Russia' started by Chris*33, May 14, 2019.

  1. Chris*33

    Chris*33 Gold Member Gold Member Basic Member

    Jan 16, 2017
    Hey guys,
    I have decided to stick to my go to blades so i am selling a very large part of my collection.

    - Prices include worldwide shipping (**please check right below for exclusions**) and PP fees (PayPal G&S only). The shipping method is standard international with tracking number.
    (**So far, Australia is the only place i have shipped in which i get no shipping updates. If you live in Oceania then i will have to get a quote for signed delivery or you can choose to pay with F&F and assume the risk - in this case i will deduct the PP fees)
    - All of these are cross-posted, so i will honor timestamp
    - I reserve the right to refuse the sale
    - The prices are in EUROS
    - My prices are not negotiable as i have priced them in a way that some will get me my money back and others so I don’t lose that much!
    - No trades

    Feel free to contact me for further details/pictures.


    1. Brous Blades Specter (Serial: 011 / 1000) €155:
    This is the Satin finish version. Bought from Knife-Center. It came with very tight action so i applied Nano-oil (IT WAS APPLIED EXTERNALLY I HAVE NOT DISASSEMBLED OR OTHERWISE MESSED WITH THE KNIFE) and it made a huge difference.

    Has not been used at all.
    Comes with full original box (papers, certificate, tool)

    3” D2 Satin Blade, Stainless steel frame, Black g10, Framelock


    2. Zero Tolerance 0462BLK €258:
    Bought it from St.Nicks knives.
    It was handled a few times but not been used in any way.
    Comes with original box and booklet.

    3.75” CPM-S35VN Black DLC-Coated blade, Titanium framelock, Black CF


    3. SOLD Zero Tolerance 0808BLK SOLD
    Bought from St.Nicks Knives.
    Out of the box only for handling/ pictures.
    Comes with original box and booklet.


    4. Spyderco Positron C195GPOR Brad Southard (Knifecenter Exclusive Version) €130:
    Bought this directly from Knifecenter, and kept in storage since.
    Has not been used in any way.
    Comes with original box and all the original paperwork as well

    3.01” CPM-S35VN Satin Blade, Orange G10 Scales, Linerlock


    5. SOLD Spyderco Lil’Lionspy SOLD(was €223):

    Bought from Reddit in a lightly carried condition but looks new, apart from a very tiny scratch next to the spydiehole (you have to really look to see it) and a mark on the steel insert onto the framelock. Both faults are highlighted in the pictures. Has not seen any use from me.

    6. Bestech Engine Drop-point €163:
    Got this from Lamnia. Drop-point version with color spectrum/flame anodization pattern on the framelock side.

    Has not been used at all.
    Comes with original box.

    2.38” CPM-S35VN Satin blade, Carbon Fiber scale, Titanium framelock (Color spectrum anodized)


    7. SOLD Benchmade Mini Griptilian 557BK Tanto €91 SOLD :
    Bought from Reddit in a a lightly carried condition. Specifically: 'carried a handful of times and there’s some minimal wear on the clip' which is something I can confirm, too. The folder looks great.
    Comes with original box

    2.91” 154CM Black-coated Blade, Black Nylon Scales, AXIS lock


    8. Kershaw 3935 Flourish €42:
    Bought from Knifecenter. It has been stropped and cut paper, that’s all the use it has seen. Nothing wrong with the knife cosmetically or otherwise, looks new.
    -NO BOX-

    Assisted-opening folder.
    3.5” 8Cr13MoV Two-tone Blade, G10 Handle with CF overlays, Linerlock


    9. Kershaw 1955 Showtime €45:
    Firstt owner. It has never been used (handled 2-3 times)
    Comes with original box

    Assisted-opening folder
    3” 8Cr13MoV Two-tone Blade, Steel Handles, Linerlock


    10. Kershaw 1160BLU Jens Anso Fraxion €40:
    Again, bought from Knifecenter. It has never been used (handled 2-3 times)
    Comes with original box

    2.75” 8Cr13MoV Satin Blade, Blue G10 Handle with CF overlays, Linerlock


    11. CRKT 1100 Moxie €60:
    First owner. It has never been used (handled 2-3 times).
    Assisted-opening folder.
    Comes with original box

    3.29” 8Cr14MoV Satin Blade, Black TPE Handles, Linerlock with Fire-safe system (in order to close the blade you have to press the thumb-stud which is acting like a safety)


    12. Spyderco C64JBORE Meerkat Sprint Run €94:
    Bought from DLT. I have never used it to cut anything and i have never carried it, but here are some things you have to know before buying it:

    The lamination line is uneven only on one side of the blade. Also there is a glue/resin spill on the back of the folder (highlighted in one of the pictures).
    This is how the knife arrived from DLT and being an international buyer it didn't really worth it to pay shipping for a second time so i didn't return it.
    Lastly, some spots have been developed on one of the steel liners. I have highlighted those in the same picture that i did with the glue spill.

    2.02” HAP40/SUS410 Laminated Satin Blade, Burnt orange FRN handles, Phantom Lock (in order to close the blade you have to slide one scale downwards). As you can understand, one of the scales is a moving part that's why it's not flush with the liner.


    13. Brous Mini Division €235:
    Second owner (Reddit). According to the previous owner it was carried and mostly used as a flipping toy, with some wear on the finish of the flipper and the clip.

    BUT: He also removed the lanyard ring and even though i was supposed to get it with the knife i didn't find it in the package, so that's missing.
    The clip removal seems to have caused the scale to sit a bit uneven to the steel liner, and you can see this from the jimping.

    Comes with plastic case and certificate.
    3.50" D2 Acid-Washed Blade, CF Scales, Linerlock


    14. Brous Mini Division €243:
    Bought from a fellow BF member who carried, used and sharpened it (mirror polish on edge). The sharpening did catch some of the choil.
    Also, the are a few scuffs and rust spots on the steel liners.

    Comes with original tube and certificate.
    3.50" D2 Stonewashed (but shiny) Blade, Black G10 Scales, Linerlock



    1. Wayne Walker Custom knife €186:
    I ordered this directly from Wayne. It has been only used for feather-sticking in order to get the feel and test the knife and after that i stropped it lightly.

    There is some staining and a few rounded small patina spots on the tang. Please check the respective photos for that.
    I also spotted a small blemish on the back of the handle (on the edge of the pommel flair).

    It did come with toolmarks that can be seen in certain light and also there are some marks next to the logo (caused from etching it seems).

    This did cost around 250 euros.
    -Didn’t come in any kind of box

    O1 Steel Black-etched Blade, Black Linen Micarta/orange liners, Saber grind with convexed edge

    Overall Length: 23mm
    Blade Length: 11.3 mm
    Cutting edge: 10.5mm
    Blade Thickness: 4mm


    2. Stedemon Uncle One €115:
    Bought from Knifecenter. Has not been used. It been handled twice and sheathed.
    Comes with original box.

    10Cr15CoMoV Steel, 4.01” Black stonewashed blade, Orange G10, Polymer Sheath


    3. Steel Will Druid 210 SOLD (40):
    Has been sitting in its box since I got it.
    Comes with original box.


    4. Fallkniven S1 Black blade €169:
    I got this from a BF member in a handled but not used condition as I remember.
    There are a couple of scratches right at the swedge from sheathing. Also, there are markings on the handle again from sheathing. Overall the knife it’s in great condition, though.

    Laminated VG10 Steel, 5.1” Black coated blade, Black Thermorun handle, zytel sheath


    First owner. The knife is still sealed so I cannot be held responsible for any possible defect. However, I am willing to open the knife AFTER payment and inspect the knife at your request. If there are any faults that will keep you from buying the knife i will refund you.
    Full box.
    Black coating, Grey micarta. NO SHEATH

    6. Fallkniven A1 €195:
    First owner. Out of the box ONLY for pictures.
    Full box.
    Laminated VG10 Steel, Satin blade, Black Thermorun handle, zytel sheath


    7. Zwilling J.A. Henckels Miyabi SG2 Chef's Knife €269:
    First owner. Out of the box ONLY for pictures.
    Full box.

    8" (20.32mm) ice-hardened Japanese micro-carbide damask steel, 63HRC, Birch wood handle with mosaic pin, 10º bevel per side, 180 grams

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  2. Ironkid883

    Ironkid883 Gold Member Gold Member

    Jun 29, 2018
    ill take .3 steel will druid.please and thanks e mail me at [email protected] and i will send payment thank you
  3. Chris*33

    Chris*33 Gold Member Gold Member Basic Member

    Jan 16, 2017
    Email sent

    Edit: Sold
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