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Combat Smatchet

Nov 25, 1998
Under this thread in the Buck Knives forum, I posted a piece about a book by Fairbairn, of Applegate-Fairbairn fame, on CQC and hand-to-hand. You may be interested to read it.

Walk in the Light,
Ossie, to reply to your question in the Buck Forum, check out the following:

Dale Sanders
Eight Dollar Mountain Foundry
P. O. Box 325
Selma, OR 97538
(541) 597-4821

Per the 9/98 Petersen Combat Knives, they produce several sizes of smatchets, all with cast handles, all under $100. No idea if he is on the net.
Thanks Rusty! I found Dale Sanders' homepage at http://home.cdsnet.net/~edmf/

Seems he makes some real cool looking knives including smatchets.

Dale Sandberg does indeed make a Smatchet,in fact he makes em in two sizes 10" or 11 1/2" blade. The smaller one goes for $75 and the larger for $90 including a very sturdy handmade leather sheath. His stuff is made from 3/16" sawmill blade steel similar to L6 and all his blades are blued. They`re great using knives and despite what the thickness might imply are VERY tough. I have a 12" blade EDMF Trench Bowie and I`m very satisfied with it. It chops super well for it`s weight and holds an edge much better than I would have ever expected. Use the search feature and you should be able to find my review on it on the reviews forum. The grips are cast from the same alloy used in car pistons and wrapped in paracord and capped with a thick steel plate for hammering. I find it quite comfortable and it will never come loose! You can`t go wrong with Dale`s stuff for the money. Plus he`s a heck of a nice guy! Unfortunately his waiting list is getting longer every day so you might have to wait a while,but it`s worth it. Marcus
Sarge just emailed me, couldn't find this thread. So I checked in to find your posts. Great, and thanks to both of you.