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Commander vs. Carnivour

Dec 8, 1999
If you had a choice between an Emerson Commander and a REKAT Carnivour, which would you choose and why?

I'd also like to hear some opinions on the Emerson La Griffe.
Having owned both, I like the wave feature of the Commander. I like the feel and lock of the REKAT. REKAT is heavier than the Commander and I feel safer witha rolling lock verses the liner lock. I kept the REKAT (having Corduroy work some of his magic on the Carnivor) and sold off the Commander. FWIW... Sebenza IMHO is the utility knife.

"Hi, I'm Fish, and I'm a Sebenzaholic..."

I concur with copfish. I had a Commander......sold it and now have two Carnivours. I like the carnivore so much I bought a Crawford custom. If you choose a Commander try to inspect it before you buy. Emerson has some quality control issues.

Dennis Bible
Knoxville, Tennessee

I have heard about some quality control issues from REKAT as well but haven't experienced any problems myself. The problem with several of the Commanders I have seen is the lack of a decent detent. Several of the Commanders I have seen don't want to stay closed. Ideally a person should handle any knife before they buy it. But, if you are like me there aren't any decent knife stores around my area, especially not with good prices. I just believe that the Carnivore is a better knife. The Commander is also a nice piece. Between the two I would choose the Carnivore.

Dennis Bible
Knoxville, Tennessee

I own both knives. For utility use go with the REKAT Carnivour, for strictly backup weapon use go for the Commander - you can't get a quicker deploying blade than this knife with it's Wave feature. The blade itself, with it's wide chisel ground recurve has awesome slashing potential. The caveat here would be that you would probably be best served by handling the Commander first to ensure that the quality is up to your standard. Apparently there has been some variation between individual knives in this regard. In my case I asked the dealer to inspect his stock and send me the one which was best. I got a great knife this way.