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Comments on Gerber bowie?

Nov 30, 1999
I have been thinking about picking up a new bowie and this one keeps looking good. I am talking about the one with the coffin shaped handle. I have seen it called an outback or Australian Bowie. Anyone have any comments about the steel it is made of? Does it take and hold a good edge? Is the lateral strength good? Does it balance well? Any other suggestions? I am looking to spend around $150.00 to $200.00, and it needs to be a solid working knife. Made in USA is preferred, I like buying domestic when possible to support the economy.

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haven't seen one of those in a while....when I was working at a local knife shop we sold several. In my opinion they are sturdy and well made....but not a favorite of mine.
the handle to me is much too slick for a utility-type knife, and very 'clunky'. if memory serves the steel is regular old 440; not wonderful but not bad at all.
For the price of that Gerber bowie I would look into a custom fixed blade; perhaps a Cold Steel Trailmaster or Gerber BMF.
For $200, you can do a LOT better. I like the style of the Gerber, but not the 425M steel. If I was limited to a factory knife, I would get a Cold Steel Trailmaster and save some money. But, for that kind of money you can get a custom knife from several makers here on Bladeforums. Too many to list here, in fact.

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I had one the Gerber Bowie for a short time. I liked the balance, handle shape, and looks. Unfortunately, the handle material is not very tough, and the edge chipped while doing light brush clearing.

Gary, that ain't the one. I am wanting something more traditional and less tactical. I have noticed you are in the bowie market too from some other threads. We should compare notes. A custom maker is an option but I don't know any of them. Any suggestions?
what do you think about this one: It's a Spanish knife. (I seem to like Spanish knives)

Aitor Magnum Bowie

I've got another one to show you. But comment on this one first.

That is more like it. I would like something with a plainer handle though.No finger grooves and maybe a larger, straight crossguard. I do like the brass crossguard and the overall shape of the blade though. Wood handles is nice too. The blade should be between 10" and 12" too. The Cold Steel Trailmaster in Carbon V is looking good, but I would prefer to buy American. Nothing against foreign companies, for khukuris I won't take anything but Himalayan Imports, and Frosts of Sweden is a great woodcarving knife, Opinel are great folders. But for a Bowie I want a USA knife that Jim Bowie would have been proud of. Utilitarian is the word that I am looking for to describe the knife I have in mind. Nothing fancy, like coated blades or etching Zytel handles or anything, just a big old Bowie knife.
The Trailmaster is made in USA.

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Danbo, Thanks for the info. I thought all Cold Steel stuff was made in Japan. That may be the winner.
I like the top one, that is the Western 49 is it not? That is a classic. I want something with a little less swell to the blade. Something a bit more straight along the back. Gary, if you haven't been over the the Himalayan Imports site I would advise it. They ofer a lot of good stuff at great prices and Bill Martino is the greatest guy to deal with. They offer a Nepalese interpretaion of the Bowie that is cool but not what I am looking for. It was designed by a forumite named Yvsa and is reputedly indesructable. I do have some of their khukuris though and can swear by their quality. You might decide that a Khukuri is what you are looking for. I am not computer savy enough to provide you a link or pic though. If you end up with one of those Spanish bowies you have been checking out I'd like to hear a test report. I don't know any one who has one but they are a definate possible future purchase.
yes, you're right, it is the Western.

I will check out that website you're talking about. Thanks.

And it will probably be a while before I obtain my Spanish knife collection, money is a little tight right now unfortunately.
Gary, I can relate all too well to the cash flow problems. If I could get the Aitor magnum blade shape on the Western handle with the Muela guard, that is what I am looking for; all for under $200.00 with guality steel, may be too much to ask for. Another site you may want to check out is Mineral Mountain Hatchet Works, I don't have one but I have heard good things about them. A search should turn up the site for you, the same for Himalayan Imports. I am really leaning toward the Cold Steel in carbon V right now. The steel is what I want and the blade shape and overall design is pretty close, I would prefer a wood handle though. But by the time I save up the cash who knows what I'll find.

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There's Newt's "Sand Bar Bowie" too...
I think he has a couple left...check it out at the link above
If you really want the Gerber Bowie (Coffin handled utility model) go to
type in Gerber in the search function, they have it on sale for $78.00

OOps!! Sorry, it's $82.00 now, and currently out of stock. Sorry about that, I haven't checked the site for a week or so.
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I just got a stag trailmaster from Top of Texas, I really like it and can't wait til elk season. TOT is tops shiped and recievied as they said, less than a week.