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comparison of nimravus and yari


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Jul 30, 2000

Does anyone have any opinions or input on a comparison of the nimravus and the yari? Which makes a better all around small fixed blade knife are far as utility and defense are concerned? I would especially like to hear from Dexter as I value his opinion very highly. Thanks, Roger
Just got my Yari and have not had the chance to edge test it yet, but here are a coupla observations.
The Yari has a thinner edge than the lg. Nimravus. This is because the Yari has a higher grind than the Nimravus.
The handle is slightly curved which makes it more comfortsble in my hand. Handles are actually about the same thickness. The index finger cutouts are about the same depth on both models.
My Yari has a 1/2" longer blade than the Nimravus and has more of a taper out toward the tip. Both knives are 1/8" thick at the spine.
IMO, these two knives could be brothers, they look so much alike. They both have well done Kydex (Nimravus) and Concealex (Yari) [methinks] sheaths.
Out of the two, right now I prefer the Yari as it seems to fit my needs better than the Nimravus, but by the slimmest of margins.
I hope this helps a little and my apologies for not having any cutting info to share with you.

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Misque, thanks for the info. I basically feel the same way about you favoring the yari slightly over the nimravus. The yari has a much better fitting sheath and I like the plastic clip. It is made of concealex according the gerber web site. The knife is also sharper and seems to be a better cutter to me for reasons you mentioned. And by the way the blade thickness at the spine is 135/1000 inch, whereas the nimravus is only 125/1000 inch thick again according to the gerber web page. Thanks again for the info. Roger