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Contest Time!!!

Oct 14, 1998
Over on rec.knives the company that makes Talonite is giving away one of the EDI made Talonite knives!

All you have to do is tell why you deserve it and give contact info.

I probably just cut my chances of winning this one in half by posting here, but what the hey....

Go for it knifenuts!
I don't think I deserve to win a free one but I do want one. I'm sure my chances are even worse than yours Bob.

Is this the same contest that a certain "Tom" posted at KF? Might be a good to idea to hea dfrom Will of EDI first to see if this is not a bogus.
Good suggestion Titan. Since it's IDE (r) on KF, checking with Will should verify whether it's ligit or not.
Bob, thanks. Out of deference to your chances of winning, I will not enter the contest. So, when you win, it will be partly my doing, and we can share the knife. I suggest you use it January through June, and I use it July through December. Fair enough?
Hello all, this is a real deal. Tom Walz of Carbide Processors tried to post the same thread here and somehow it didnt work. He will try again soon. He has the knife ordered from I believe AG Russell. Keep your eyes open for a post here in Blade Forums very soon from Tom. As most of you know I am the distributor of Talonite to the knife industry and EDI's production Genisis in Talonite was quite a milestone for us and this is their way of thanking the knife world. Stay tuned!

Thanks a bunch Rob.

I was trying to give the forumites a heads-up. I appreciate your checking and finding out it's legitimate.
Hey, I want one of those!

Oh, I'm supposed to come up with a *reason*?!? Hell, I can never do that when my father starts to wonder how come I want so expensive knives...

Well, for one thing, I have limited funds. And everyone should have at least one good knife, right? Also, I just love to see a really well made knife. I like to admire the skill that went into making it, knowing that someone actually took the time to get it done right.

And of course if this doesn't convince you, I also happen to own a gun.

Tony S.