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Contra Costa County Calif or nearby gunnies, listen up.

Jim March

Knifemaker / Craftsman / Service Provider
Oct 7, 1998
James, I know it's off topic but...it's urgent.

I've filed suit against Sheriff Rupf of Contra Costa alleging illegal practices, racism, bias, elitism and corruption in the CCW (concealed gun carry permits) issuance process.

I need reports of CCW verbal denials, ANY rumors of corruption, nepotism, elitism or other junk.

I'm particularly interested in verbal denials, they were common as hell.

I go into depositions 7/1/99. I'll need to name witnesses; so far I've got two people who've been verbally denied and I've got EMails out to them asking for testimony. In case they flake I need backups, and I'll have to name witnesses at depositions.

Sing out, folks. There's over 600,000 in this county, there's liable to be at least a lurker around here that knows something. This is our best shot at imposing reforms through the courts, if we can do it here there'll be an avalanche of such all over the state.

So far I've got ironclad illegal procedures and a statistically very significant link between permitholders and campaign contributors. I'm tracking outright racism, and I may be able to make a case for "general elitism".

On illegal procedures both past and present, I've got him absolutely dead to rights. Now we've got to pile it on, convince the judge there's a huge problem that can only be fixed by imposing objective standards or failing that, having the court take over the process completely.

Sing out, people, I've got depositions 7/1/99 and I'll need to submit a witness list.

This is where we make a stand.

Jim March
Webmaster, Equal Rights for CCW Home Page
EMail: jmarch@ricochet.net
Fax: (707) 221-7152