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convenience of neck knife

Jun 20, 2000
Newt Livesay sells a neat little neck knife called the SOP for 20.00 dollars. I was wondering how handy these neck knives are. Also, walking around with a knife hanging around my neck is not advised, which means that i will have to wear it under my shirt. Is this an annoyance as well? Thanks.
I carry my Emerson La Griffe 'round my neck at all times except bed, hardly notice it.

I've tried to carry a REKAT Fang the same way but found it a tad clumsy.
Try the 'griffe out, i think that you'll like it

Good luck!

Be well!/Jonas aka 2Sharp

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I have an SOP. While it is not the prettiest knife in the world, it's a great performer. I hardly know it's there even under the shirt. Just use a ball chain instead of para-cord. Less noticeable, and safer too.

I sure wouldn't buy a neck knife out of carbon steel. This is one spot where salty sweat will surely make you wish you'd bought stainless of some kind. Salt is just terribly corrosive to even stainless steels.

Ball and chain safety stems from the fact that an assailant could strangle you with para cord, tough stuff. Ball type chain mandatory.

Unless you are a very big dude, you want light and small and thin for a neck knife in my estimation. Thin stock (1/8"). 3" blade. Skeletonized/drilled out.

My favorites, a short list:
Darrel Ralph arc lite, sans-handle slabs.
Crawford's skeletonized clip point (not Kasper, too big).
Mike Yurco's stuff.
Maybe an Emerson LaGriffe for very light, but very non-stabbing and only-for-ripping type of design.

Stay with alloys at 14% chrome or higher, i.e. above D2.

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i have a coupla neckers. 2 stiff kiss's,neck peck,etc.. i find the ball chain to be more annoying that a para cord.the way ive got one of my stiff kiss's rigged up w/para cord is that its tied so a good tug will undo the knot,but it wont come undone under normal use.
as far as wearing it openly,i wouldnt worry about it a whole lot.i have worn all of them inside and outside the shirt.non knife people have no idea what it is,so i dont worry.
Hey Mo..

I Agree,, Ball chain is a Pain in the ass...Everything I've ever owned with ball chain tends to walk up the beads.. This Really Bugs me...

Imagine that you draw your knife a hundred or so times,, and the one time you really need it to defend your life, you blow a bead and end up drawing the blade with the sheath still attached..You've just lost the edge.

If the BG gets ahold of your cord,, you let him get too close,, Plain and simple....Besides,, thats what the 2nd and 3rd knife are for,, to cut yourself Free..

When I draw,, I want a clean draw,,Each and Every time...



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I have a SOP neck knife and it is lighter than any of the knives that you listed rdangerer. When it comes to a stainless steel bead chain or a paraline I don't worry about it. First of if you let someone get that close to you your already fu*ded. I have been around and in numerous scrapes and never have I seen anyone choke someone with a cord, belt, rope, chain, parachute line or anything else. Maurice you have the right idea. Just carry the thing and quite worrying before you bust a vessel.

When it comes 14% chrome (?) and that is really high chrome for AISI D2 I belive.
It will rust but just not as fast as carbon! Rust! Well you have to take care of your weapons, and that might include wiping the mud, blood, sweat, and the beer off it every now an again.

I have carried the SOP, LITTLE PECKER, WOO, D2-WOO, WOO-EXECUTIVE, WOO-CORD WRAPPED, UJI (big knife) TITANIUM BUGGER, NRG FIBER KNIFE AND NOW A NRGS (S=STEEL) around my neck. I also have carried them inside and outside my shirt and only once outside of a gun show did some one ask me if that was a knife. At gun shows people just say where did you get that or hey I've got one too.
First, neck knives are simply so convenient to carry. There are quite a few out there on the market. Skeleton types without scales such as Pat Crawfords, the LaGriffe, Al Polkowskis, the already mentioned Wicked/ Livesays, etc., are hardly noticeable to the wearer. If you are in an environment where it is not prudent to wear openly then under the garment is the way to go. Any neck knife with a good kydex/ concealex sheath can double as a pocket knife. Simply remove from neck position and tuck the entire unit in the pocket. If one requires that it may need to be drawn in a pinch then simply lash the ball chain or cord to a belt or the pants loop. I have recently acquired a Fallkniven WM1 with black Themorun handles (hard rubber)and wear it openly at the shop/ club/ friends homes with no undue attracted attention. It simply doesn' t look "tactical" or threatening. Keep in mind its intended use when making a selection. Some are made for defensive purpose in mind and some for the adventurous (jogging, hiking, watersports, cycling, etc.)

As for the fear of possibly being strangled with cord and ball chain breaking when needed in a pinch, remove the inner nylon strands of paracord and thread the ball chain thru and close. If you leave about 3-4" of the ball chain exposed at the sheaths holes, then there is a good chance to minimalize the threat of being garroted! Good luck on your choices.


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I always wear a neck knife, but like some of the other folks found ball chain to be irritating, and didn't like the idea of paracord. What works for me is to use a small piece of kydex bolted to the sheath to form a clip, then clip the knife to the neck of my v-neck undershirt. It always stays in place. My neck knife is made from 1/16th thick steel, so it is very light and does not pull down noticably on my t-shirt.
Like others have mentioned, I too think Neck knives are wonderful. I live on a farm and during the summer I often wear Shorts outside, I always wear a Bob Dozier knife around my neck when working and boy do I sweat!! Because of that I recommend that if you intend to wear your NK in conditions that you think you will perspire you should consider a more stainless blade material.

There are several Designs by Emerson, Rekat, CRKT and others that have have been mentioned that are all excellent choices. If you want something nicer (and that will usually hold its value if well cared for) look into the Custom choices that have been mentioned. But, if you even are considering a Custom NK check out the Dozier Razorback. http://www.knifeart.com/raznecknif.html

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I just got my first neck knife, a Simonich Talonite Nighthawk, and I find that I now wear the sucker every day. Very comfortable, never even know it's there, but I am finding that I usually end up using it more than the folders in my pockets, just seems to be so easy to reach for.
Newt makes some great knives, I really love his work. I have worn and used the Bow Hunting Buddy for some time, and I tell ya, it is a great knife.

I own many neck knives, and I find myself carrying my lynn griffith Patrolman the most. It was VERY expensive...but it is light, small, and sharp as hell...not to mention TOUGH!

S in NYC

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I have a Dozier neck knife which I thought to be a "Razorback", however after reviewing the picture I see it is not.
Is there another model Bob is putting out. It is hard for me to describe but it has more of a modified drop point style and the spine is sharpened approx one inch. It has a finger guard and the G10 scales are held on by two hex screws on either side.
Please email me with any info.


If you wear a neck knife under a garment, and it is not a folder, you are carrying a concealed fixed blade which is illegal in many jurisdictions in the U.S. Don't get me wrong, I have a few Livesay neck knives and I enjoy working with them, but only when I can wear them on top of my clothes, and that pretty much means around my own property.

It had occured to me though that worn inside the shirt, the neck knife was not very practically placed for quick access. It might still be useful if you were kidnaped (for example) and not searched carefully enough to find it, but otherwise, you have to pull up your shirt or open it to get to the knife don't you?
I've carried on a love affair since the 80's now with neck knives. I've always however, found neck carry rather annoying. If I wore the blade outside my shirt, it would invariably attract unwanted attention. When I speak to someone, I want them to look at my eyes, not the knife. When I wear it under clothing, it's concealed, in addition to the fact that I just plain do not like how it feels under there. One good thing is that I have one of those sternums that kinda goes "in", and the knife just rests in there with no imprint.

I have just recently bought the first neck knife that I actually enjoy carrying in it's intended manner. It's the Simonich Talonite Nighthawk, like steinie's.

Concealed, it's non-problematic as it has only a 2.5 inch blade, and small enough that you don't feel it clunking around. I use it just like a little folder. It's great!, and it looks just like a mini mini tactical/utility knife.

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I have a variety of neck knives, mostly Newt Livesay's. I find them very comfortable and convenient to wear and use. Being made of carbon, not stainless steel has not been anything of a problem either.

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I am a neck-knife fan from way back too! Ryan Malpiede (silence77@aol.com) made me a neat ball-chain covered in paracord wrap that makes the ball-chain wearable. I use this one chain on all my neck-knives. I am sure if you write nicely and wave a small amount of green, he would do the same for any Forumite. I carry a Talonite Tom Mayo fixed blade copy of the TNT or my BG-42 Running Dog P'up.
wear my ralph design arclite when biking w/chain - wrapped handles w/cord, got big hands makes it feel better for me anyway - wear it under a shirt - very handy, hardly notice it - they are great for a lotta situations - only negative is if ya wear a muscle shirt and a gold chain the silver dont match lol
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by BigDP:
I have a SOP neck knife and it is lighter than any of the knives that you listed rdangerer. </font>

It would be hard to make anything significantly/noticeably lighter than the Emerson LaGriffe at 1.5 oz. Crawford & Ralph knives have more cutting edge length and better ergonomics than SOP, so a bit of weight buys functionality. If the SOP is lighter that these, so be it... my point is that I find lightness is a useful attribute when it comes to neck knives. But not at the expense of ergonomics, a 1/2 oz. is a good trade for ergnomics.

<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by BigDP:
When it comes to a stainless steel bead chain or a paraline I don't worry about it. First of if you let someone get that close to you your already fu*ded.

Already fu*ded? Fubded? Fucded? Fudded, like Elmer? Fujded? Nevermind.

So, if you make an error, or are ambushed, or attacked by more than one person, then it's ok to potentially compound the error by wearing paracord. I think I see your point.

<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by BigDP:
I have been around and in numerous scrapes and never have I seen anyone choke someone with a cord, belt, rope, chain, parachute line or anything else. </font>

Fair enough, you obviously choose to lead a more difficult life than I do. Because you have never seen it doesn't mean it can't or won't happen. I've made my point... so has BigDP, everyone forms their own opinions after soaking up the free opinions on this board (you know what they say about opinions...everybody...). That is one benefit of these boards.

<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by BigDP:
When it comes 14% chrome (?) and that is really high chrome for AISI D2 I belive. </font>

I didn't say D2 had 14% chrome. You'll just have to reread what I wrote and try for comprehension on the second go around. D2 usually runs 11-12% chrome. So "past D2" would mean past that range. Most everything that is referred to commonly as stainless is "past D2". It's a long list. Given a free drop and cost aside, I'd go for 440C, 420V, or Stellite/Talonite.

<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by BigDP:
It will rust but just not as fast as carbon! Rust! Well you have to take care of your weapons, and that might include wiping the mud, blood, sweat, and the beer off it every now an again. </font>

Yeah? ... well I had scrambled eggs and Jack Daniels for breakfast... ate the eggs with a muddy fork, drank the Jack out of a dirty soup can, all while I was wearing a rusty stainless neck knife! YEE HAAA!! Hoo boy.

On a more useful note, some pics:


Ralph ArcLite, 6-3/4" overall, 3" edge.


Crawford, 6" overall, 2.75" cutting edge.


LaGriffe is 4.75" in total length, cutting edge is 1.75" measured in a straight line.


Livesay SOP, $20, Carbon Steel.


Larry Chew Neck Bone, 7" overall, 2-3/4" edge. He does one in 2-1/2" edge and about 6-1/2" overall also.

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A "brand new" neck knife design is becoming available from one of the best folder makers around, Kit Carson.

Drop point, small one is 5.5" long, 2.5" edge, 2.8oz, sheath allows retention adjustment with Chicago screws, available in 420V which really holds an edge and is very corrosion resistant, etc.



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