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Oct 27, 1998
I just got my single edged Gerber Covert from Howard the other day and I am very impressed with it. It is light and very solid with a good usable blade. The handles have good grip and are screwed to the SS liners with 12 screws all up. The spacer is molded to the scales, all in all avery well made and solid handle. The blade is very useful and cuts great. The edge on mine was perfect in every regard, all I did was touch it up a bit to get it real sharp. The bead blast finish is very fine, similar to the finish on their Multilock. It is a lot finer than the finish on my Benchmades and hence I don't think it will rust at all with reasonable care. However this makes it a bit more shiny and reflective than a true beadblasted blade. The signitures on the blade look good and there is no mistaking the Covert's military history. It's a great utility knife with a military look and the production quality is superb on the one I have. The clip is very good I thought, mine is tight enough and it rides nice and low in the pocket. The Interlock is precision made and works well. The Interlock on my Covert is on the side, which I prefer, as the one on the top of the knife interferes with my thumb and I don't always want to engage it. All in all this a great production knife which I believe hasn't had the raps that it should get. No folding knife is an ideal fighter and the Covert is no exception. It may be good as a last ditch resort but it excels as a fine utility knife with military heritage. Long live the Colonal.